I’ve been working hard in the past week on maintaining a balance. It has been hard. Work, applying for jobs, interviews, hot days with high humidity…last week was very long.


I’m happy with the balance I found. But what I was a bit shocked at was the effort it took to maintain the balance.


This self care thing is hard. On Saturday I was supposed to go to a BBQ with some work colleagues. I wanted to go, but I was tired. Theoretically a BBQ should be some self care – sitting outside, chatting, maybe having a drink. But then again, being out is tiring. So how do you know which self care is self care?


In the end I stayed home. I’m glad I did. For once the weather was cool, we had a nice breeze flowing through the house and I was about as content as I get sitting still.


Hopefully the next week will be quieter.


How do you manage balance? When do you know which self care is the right one?


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