Storm Season: Tip #1

Storm Season has well and truly arrived here in South East Queensland. As I write this, there are multiple storms bearing down on the entire Brisbane area.

BOM 16th Nov 2013
Source: Image is of storms on 16th November 2013 at approx 1pm. Please check official warnings for accurate details.














Just a few storms, as you can see above!

Like most people who live in areas that are prone to severe storms, I have my own storm prep actions. The main few for me are:

  • putting a blanket over my car to minimise hail damage (or at least hopefully stop glass from shattering)
  • tying down or lying down any outdoor items that could become airborne
  • charging phones

26 Years and Counting: Storm Season Tip 1












Last year, I added a new storm prep action to my list.

Use the bathroom. 

Yes, you read that correctly.

It just so happens that I have bad luck of needing to use the bathroom around the exact time that we get a black out from a storm. It sometimes gets to the point where I expect that I have somehow controlled the lightening to hit the power supply and caused the black out myself.

Now, I’m not saying I am Mother Nature, but there have been far too many coincidences. If this was being tested by Mythbusters, the result would be “plausible”.

What are you main storm prep actions? Do have strange coincidences like this?


Good links for storm season (QLD focus):

Get Ready – Queensland Government website for preparing for storm season

Bureau of Meteorology – For radar images (as above) and storm warnings. Australia-wide.

Queensland State Emergency Services (SES) – or phone 132 500. (Check the internet for the number in your state.)

Energex – For reporting power outages (13 62 62), fallen powerlines, emergencies (13 19 62) and checking when your power is scheduled to be back on.




2 Replies to “Storm Season: Tip #1”

  1. I’m usually in the shower! Ha ha. Always fun when the lights go out.
    I don’t bother with a blanket on the car, I figure it’s insured, but if you had a nice car of course getting it undercover is bestest!
    And charging your phone is a biggie in our house. In fact, I may go do that right now… the sky is looking a bit dark!

    1. Haha yep I’ve had that one happen to me a few times too! Then a Mythbusters episode showed that was really dangerous so I’m too scared to shower in a storm now.

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