Bright Monday – Yellow Tote

Bright Monday Yellow Tote

Yesterday I was shopping for some new black work pants (total fail) and happened to end up in the bag section of Target. I’m not an over girly girl but I love my bags. And then I saw a tote, and immediately thought “perfect for a cruise ship conference”! (DP Con, which I’m hoping to go next year.)


Bright Monday Yellow Tote

I can really see myself on the deck of a ship, all organised with this bag by my side…


Anyway, since I was shopping for pants and not bags (because I have plenty I don’t use already), I took a picture of it to remember it by, and went on my merry way.


Then I showed it my husband later, who is terrible and encourages spending of money, who told me to go buy it. So we ducked down to our local Target and luckily they had it! Our local Target is actually a newly opened Target Country, so I’m never quite sure how much of the regular range they stock. Even though it was $40, I decided that I liked it and therefore deserved it. So I bought it! The girl at the register also appreciated the irony of asking me if I needed a bag for my bag. Then the door staff member called to me on the way out and said she really liked the bag too.


I’m only road testing it for the first time today, but last night when I bought it, I also happened to by buying rum for pina coladas & I was barely able to feel the weight of the bottle in the bag, so I’m excited that this will be one of those elusive magic bags where heavy things don’t feel heavy.


Bright Monday Yellow Tote


As you can see, it’s a pretty big bag. And it includes a removable zippered section that also has pockets and zips. That would be great if you want to swap contents to another tote bag easily.


Bright Monday Yellow Tote Button



Simple button to clip the innards in or out.


Bright Monday Yellow Tote empty



Without the insert, and with a 600ml water bottle in it. Big bag!


If you want to check out this bag online,  you can find it in Target’s online store here. This post isn’t sponsored or gifted in any way, I found this by fluke in the shops!


I’ll report back after I’ve used it to see if it really is one of those magic light bags!


What make a tote bag perfect for you?


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