Storm Season: Tip #2

Storm Tip 2 Water

Storm Tip 2 Water











The other year, severe storms caused disruptions to the water supply in some Brisbane suburbs after a particularly bad storm.


When you think about it, our number one requirement for survival is water. Generally, we can do without food and without shelter for a few days, but water is critical.


During storm season especially, it’s vital to have a back up water supply at home. I usually keep 2 10-15L jugs (similar to the image above) in a cupboard. I also usually have 2-3 600ml waterbottles in the fridge at any one time – I use these a lot because I take water everywhere with me pretty much year-round.


When there is a particularly bad storm (or cyclone) coming, then I add to my two standard supplies by filling other available jugs, pots, pans and anything else I can think of! A good way of maintaining clean water is also to use tupperware containers of all shapes and sizes – the seals help to keep water from spilling.


As part of prepping for a cyclone in particular, I do what I can to reduce my need for water post-event. This usually means maintaining the house and car as clean as possible – eg have all of your dishes done to reduce your need to use drinking water for cleaning.


Do you keep spare water in your house? Any tips for water preparation for storm & cyclone season?

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