Twitter Chats & Growing Your Readership

Twitter Chats and How To Grow Your Readership

Have I told you how much I love twitter chats about blogging? It’s a lot. My favourite one to participate in is the weekly Blog Trends chat. It’s on Monday nights (9pm EST), US time, which is about midday Tuesday here in Australia (depending on where you are in Australia).


The Blog Trends chat kicks ass because:

  • There are bloggers from all niches
  • Everyone is highly engaged & you get lots of replies to questions
  • It’s a really police & mature chat – you can disagree without fear of being flamed
  • You’re encouraged to visit the blogs of the other participants

Twitter Chats and How To Grow Your Readership

The most recent chat this week was about Growing Your Readership. I was taking notes as I happily tweeted away. Here are the key take-away points:

  • Consistency
  • Interaction
  • Engaging like a human being
  • Comment!
  • Use images
  • Use Pinterest
  • Use G+
  • Collaborate with other bloggers
  • Contribute to community boards
  • Run giveaways
  • Guest post


What are your tips for growing your readership?


21 Replies to “Twitter Chats & Growing Your Readership”

  1. Love all these. I think commenting on other blogger’s blogs is a neat way to build readership, particularly if the comments app has a link back to your site. Has to be authentic, though.

    1. Commenting is my favourite way to ‘meet’ new bloggers. And if I liked the post but didn’t have anything to say that time, I just add them to my Bloglovin’ feed and wait til next time 🙂

  2. I hadn’t noticed the “Blog Trends” chat! I must investigate this further, it sounds great! 😀

    1. I’ve been trying to make it to a few blog chats recently but it’s hard when you have a full time job too! Blog Trends is the one I’ve liked the best so far though. You can skim through old chats using the hashtag #BlogTrends if you want to check it out (or if you miss one).

  3. Wow thanks for this! I must admit that Twitter is the main form of social media that seems to totally elude me! I think it’s because I’m more visual and so I’m drawn to Instagram or Pinterest more, but I really do need to get twittering more! xxx

    1. I think the thing with twitter is that people are expecting it to be harder than it is…but in actual fact there’s not much to twitter! Tweets, replies, retweets & that’s about it to get started!

  4. I have never heard of this before, think I had better change that, sounds like fun. Thank you for sharing. xxx N

    1. They are pretty good fun – and a great way to learn from others!

  5. I’ve seen the blogger chat pop up on my timeline a few times, I will have to check it out. I think link ups are a great way to grow readership too. Quite a few of my favourite bloggers I discovered through IBOT and FYBF.

    1. I’m only just getting into link ups – it’s a bit of a dedication to remember when they’re on!

  6. I am so going to look into the Monday night chat! I didn’t realize there were blogging chats on Twitter. I’ve done educational chats before. Thank you so much for this post! I found you through FYBF.


    1. No worries Carrie! I hope you find the chats as useful as I’ve found them.

  7. I find Twitter easier than FB in many ways these days, and have found more blog posts to read, than any other medium. I have also got to “know” other people via Tweeting, as opposed to FB (which seems to always be changing on who gets to see your posts, if at all!) .

    Google + remains just this void in social media from what I see. Many of us have G+ because we are told we MUST, but no-one seems to use it!

    Social media certainly keeps everyone on their toes as we try to juggle it all!

    1. It’s rare to come across a fb page that feels engaged, rather than just another place for eyeballs. I have G+ but not enough time to think about how to really use it.

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  9. I have never ever heard of Twitter Blogger interaction before, so can’t wait to join in. Are they on every week? Would love to be part of the great group 🙂

    1. Yep, this chat is on every week! Just jump in any time when it’s on – if you can’t be there for the whole thing, just make it for parts of it. I can only make it some weeks but I try to catch up on the hashtag afterwards because there’s usually a lot of great info there.

  10. I made my way over here after you answered a question of mine from the #PBChat yesterday. How fitting for this article eh? Love this and the one on sensationalist headlines.

    1. Twitter chats are great, aren’t they? Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  11. I really should participate in more twitter chats. Tue lunchtime is usually crazy deadline time for me 🙁

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      The biggest problem is how many of them are at bad times for Aussies, really!

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