Shit From My Head

shit from my head

I’ve read a few comments recently about how people don’t really know how to classify their blogs.


“Lifestyle” is a common but unpopular term.


I’ve coined an alternative term: “shit from my head”.


shit from my head













What do you classify your blog as? Brainstorm some words that aren’t “lifestyle” with me in the comments!!

3 Replies to “Shit From My Head”

  1. Exactly – that’s why my Blog is sub-titled “The Stuff That Comes Out Of My Head… ” because that’s all it is – I have no “theme” – my blog is a window inside my brain…

    I think our types of blog need their own category… I hate being lumped in with lifestyle blogs – how about we use the term Braindump? We are Braindumpers, or Brain Bloggers? 🙂

    1. Out of those two, I’d probably have to go with Brain Bloggers because although alliteration seems to be frowned upon by some (like a cheap wine) it does stick in your head better.

  2. […] Generally speaking, out of a lack of options how to categorise my blog, I just go for “lifestyle”. Or, as coined by JJ, Brain Blogging. […]

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