The Selfish Gift Guide

selfish gift guide

Yesterday on #BlogTrends chat there were a lot of complaints about gift guides being a bit boring, way overdone (market saturation) and just an excuse for bloggers to get affiliate link sales. I just tend to ignore them because we’re not big gift givers so it’s kind of irrelevant to me. And as you may have guessed, I prefer to make my own gifts, like the New Mother Kit and Housewarming Gift.


Then I was inspired by this tweet from Brittany and I decided to make this blog post.


Pretty Things












So, instead of telling you things that you SHOULD buy for others, I’m being horribly anti-Christmas and selfish and telling you what I WANT as a present. This is totally, 100% sheer greed and contains no affiliate links (just traces of nuts).


selfish gift guide

















Hyperbole & A Half by Allie Brosh  I actually bought this and the one below yesterday – go me!


The ProBlogger Book… Secrets for Blogging Your Way to A Six-Figure Income by Darren Rowse I borrowed this from my local library and it had too much good content to read in the short time you can hire for, so I bought it instead.


This ‘multipurpose canvas accessory’ from Typo.


A Captiva – Yeah, I don’t know who I know that’s rich enough to buy me a car for Christmas, but there’s no harm in adding it to the list, right?


An inflatable kayak –  Because my car is small and I doubt it would be legal to have a kayak on top of it.


A GoPro Camera – I saw these in action after ProBlogger Event and they are so cool!


My dream lens, a Canon 10-22mm  – I mentally frame things wide angled…It’s just how I like photography!


A weekend away at the Notovtel Twin Waters resort, because they have Segways, Circus equipment, bikes, kayaks and a freaking trampoline on the water!!


Join me in writing a selfish gift guide – tell me below what you WANT or post about it and put the link below! 



2 Replies to “The Selfish Gift Guide”

  1. haha, love it! I’m kind of sick of the gift guides too–I never see anything I would consider buying for anyone else. I really do think they exist just for bloggers to plug affiliate links.

    I would like: a new electric kettle, new blankets for our bed, a bed frame, and a new TV stand. =]

    1. I’m just cynical on them because we don’t really go all out on gifts – maybe they are useful for families that do? TV stands are hard to find – and usually expensive haha.

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