A Something On The Somewhere Cocktail

A Something On The Somewhere Cocktail

I thought that Peach Schnapps was something that I would like. So before I bought it, I looked up what you make with it. (What did we do before the internet was in our pockets?) Apparently Sex on the Beach cocktail is what you normally make. Only I don’t really like cranberries so I made my own version.


A Something On The Somewhere Cocktail



Yeah, the name isn’t the most creative, but I’m not feeling that creative right now!


This is really simple to make. Grab whatever shaped glass you like. Pour one shot of vodka and one shot of peach schnapps. Top the rest of it up with Pine Mango Juice.


Drink. Enjoy.


I’m thinking a good mocktail version of this would be pine mango juice with lemonade and a pineapple wedge as a garnish, but I’m yet to try it!


What’s your favourite cocktail or mocktail?

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  1. I do a thing at Christmas with cartons of egg-nogg, Malibu and vodka or Bacardi to give it a bit of a kick. I call it Coco-nogg!

    1. I actually don’t know if I’ve ever had egg nog…

  2. […] only in the past year that I’ve found drinks I enjoy. Such as the Something On The Somewhere cocktail. Then I tried Pina Coladas. Yum. The problem is I don’t drink often enough to keep […]

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