$165 Grocery Shop

$165 grocery shop

To be honest, I actually wanted to spend less than $100 this fortnight. But stuff I use was on sale, a couple of things at prices that it was ridiculous NOT to buy them. Overall, I know it’s not an expensive shop, but I feel like I was a bit lazy in sticking to my actual list vs what I bought. And somehow it added up exactly to $165.00. Freaky.


$165 grocery shop


At Coles, I spent $135.94. The thing that added up a bit was needing dry dog food (8kg lasts ages) and the worming tablets (which we don’t need for another month, but they’re NEVER on sale, so for $5 off I had to get a packet). The other big thing I didn’t need but was on sale was the 4L of sunflower oil. The usual one we buy is 2L for about $6, so it was a bargain. We were also out of sesame oil, which is relatively expensive at $3.3o for 150ml, but we only buy that about twice a year I would guess. I love having a stock of sauces to put on top of food, and some aioli was on sale so I grabbed two. You can see how it just started adding up a bit…


Coles $135.94 grocery shop



Woolies: $29.06. Ok, in reality I only ‘needed’ the first three items on this list. The remainder was “oooh yummy”. Which is exactly why I try to only go grocery shopping once per fortnight – I will buy more each trip so if I have fewer trips, I spend less – even when I allow for shit like pop tarts to slip into my basket!


Woolies $29.06



If you missed it, I’ve also started doing a fortnightly photo blog post of the food I’ve eaten. If you’re curious about how I started doing these posts, it started with this post, which also explains a bit about our pantry, what we keep in stock and why we buy some of the items we do.


Do you slip treats in your trolley? Any tips for stopping that? 


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  1. I’m always curious to know what people spend on a weekly shop in a normal household.
    With 8 people in our family, I’d say we spent around $400-$500 a week on food alone.

    1. I don’t know how large families budget!! It seems so hard.

  2. I shop really irregularly and never have ANY idea what I spend. Though I buy the same stuff again and again so I could easily work it out. I’m not great at tightening my belt so tend to only buy eye / scotch fillet steak and chicken breasts (on the meat front).

    PS. Dogs are expensive!

    1. Shopping fortnightly has really helped for my budget. I do still do random trips in between, but those are wants not needs. So now it’s just working on cutting those down too.

  3. I definitely slip treats in. But with only two of us, we’re only spending about $400-500 a month, so it’s not bad! Maybe try to plan for it – stock up so you don’t feel like you need more?

    1. I have tried to stock up more on treats, but found I eat them haha.

  4. I cannot be trusted at the supermarket, the deli and I go way back. Haha. And pop tarts! I haven’t had pop tarts for ages.

    1. I remember when they were $10-15/box, so for $3 I just had to buy them!

  5. I love looking at what other people buy at the supermarket, I think it’s fascinating. Since our local supermarket has been closed for (never ending) renovation, we’ve taken to shopping online. Although, the items are a teensy bit expensive, I find we don’t spend as much as we used to, because we only buy what we need. Having said that, I always check out the specials because some of those offers are just too good to miss!

    1. It’s such a fun nosy thing to do haha. I have actually never tried shopping online – I might have to do that one day as an experiment to see how it compares.

  6. Thanks for sharing this, Ness. I need to monitor our grocery shopping a little better. You’ve inspired me.

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