Can You Really Work There?

Can You Really Work There? A discussion about where bloggers are located in Australia.

Australia has always been a country where the main spheres of industry have been in Sydney or Melbourne. Sure, big companies often have offices in other cities, but the events, the networking – it’s mostly in Sydney or Melbourne.


Can You Really Work There? A discussion about where bloggers are located in Australia.


With the amount of people working remotely from their office or only online, there is even less of a need to be centrally located.┬áBut I’m curious how this works for bloggers. Awards, brands, radio & TV stations are still often centralised in one of those two cities.


Sure, if you run your blog as a business then just like any business, the expense of traveling is tax deductible since it’s for work/your business. Having said that, I would question the reality that bloggers in general have the same cash flow as other contractors, which would limit the ability of bloggers to actually attend relevant functions.


But what do you miss out on by not being a local? Are you missing out on regular work? Regular opportunities? Or is it that Sydney & Melbourne are just where industries pick up first, and other cities will catch up later?


Do you ever feel it’s a challenge to get blogging opportunities because of where you live?


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  1. I haven’t thought about this in terms of blogging. I guess a lot if conferences are held in Sydney and Melbourne so that’s why I’ve made an effort to go to Problogger this year being on the Gold Coast. I haven’t felt location has affected my blog.

    1. I guess this is something that might not matter yet, but if blogging in Australia reaches US proportions…but then again, maybe then we’ll get more local things then.

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