Dumpling Party

Dumpling Party

Instead of going out to a restaurant as we had been planning to, my friends and I decided to have a cook at home day yesterday. Dumplings, or Gyoza, or Pot Stickers…depending on where you are from! I’m sure there’s some other definition of why they have different names, but I’m not a food blogger, I’m a food consumer!

 Dumpling Party

I had seen this recipe and we decided to use that as the basis for making the dumplings. None of us can really follow a recipe, so we used that as a guideline to prepare the food and then made up the cooking part as we went along. In the end we steamed the dumplings until they looked good (subjective term) then put them in a frying pan to brown them. There were a lot of batches, so we had to put some in the oven to keep them warm.

Dumpling cabbage prep


ginger and garlic for dumplings


dumpling meat prep


dumplings steaming


And then it was time to EAT!

Finished dumplings


Not pictured: I made my own sauce to go with them. Sesame oil, soy sauce and a hot chilli sauce. YUM.

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Have you ever made dumplings (or Gyoza or Pot Stickers)? Any tips? 




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