Bright Monday: Belated Christmas

Bright Monday Belated Christmas

So Bright Monday was two days ago now… and while I did it, I kind of forgot to blog it. Life and all that junk, you know?


So this is both a belated Bright Monday and an unintentionally Christmas themed day.


Bright Monday Belated Christmas


The green shirt is a simple v-neck sleeveless knit top I picked up in Katie’s on boxing day for $5. I also have a dark/navy blue one of it. And even though they’re nearly identical (colour being the only difference) the green one is more comfortable. Weird, hey?


My yellow tote is my go-to work bad on weekdays because it fits waterbottles, lunch, book and the general crap I take to work with me.


And my red shoes are my first ever pair of ballet flats! I’m a size 10 shoe, but because flats are usually so narrow I have to go up to an 11 in them, and even that’s no guarantee they’ll fit me. Then I also need shoes with some kind of padding or support, so that lets out 99% of ballet shoes! These were a $30 pair from Big W last year – I bought a red pair, orange pair (both pretty much worn out now) and a beige/cream pair (unworn).


Do you find dressing in Bright clothes on Monday helps you get your week started?

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