More Sleep

More Sleep

I indulged myself a little over the long weekend and stayed up late a few times. This is pretty rare for me because I tend to just hit a wall and fall asleep. On Monday, I even slept in until after 9am!

More Sleep


I usually consider sleeping in until 6.30 or 7am a good sleep in, so after 9am is rare. I honestly can’t even tell you the last time I did that, because I just don’t remember.


Then came Monday night. I was overtired, had a lot on my mind, started stressing out and naturally, I couldn’t sleep! Which makes everything worse, as my brain then goes into overdrive, which also doesn’t help me sleep. The worst part is that I knew I was making myself more stressed and anxious, but I couldn’t think of anything to do about it.


In the end I managed to fall asleep – I’m not sure how or what time. I guess I just hit that wall!


Naturally, here we are on Tuesday morning and I didn’t set my alarm, pull out work clothes or organise breakfast & lunch last night. Sigh. But at least I slept. And at least I have another reminder why I try to keep myself in a routine. Still, I have that feeling right now that I wouldn’t mind another few hours of sleep.


How do you fall asleep when your brain is in overdrive?


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12 Replies to “More Sleep”

  1. It is so hard to sleep when you mind is going crazy. I have found a bath and stretches help. I have also put better curtains in my bedroom to keep out the light. Hope you get some sleep soon.

    1. It’s funny you say that – we don’t have a bathtub in our house but I’ve been thinking recently how nice it would be to have one!

  2. It’s hard.My trick is to think of a movie or tv show I know really well, and see if I can mentally replay that in my head. For some reason it usually sends me straight to sleep. Like watching tv but no distracting lights 🙂

    1. I like that tactic! I’ll give that a go, thanks.

  3. If you figure out the answer to that one, do let me know! It was 3am when I fell into bed last night, hubby’s alarm went off 15 minutes later for him to go to work and then the kids were up at 6 so I’ve spent all day struggling with exhaustion-induced nausea. Yet here it is 10.25pm and I’m still wide awake…

    1. In a weird way, I’m getting happier at the moment as my day job draws to a close and I think that’s making me more “Woo! I can go do more things! Who needs sleep!?”

  4. I am REALLY bad at falling asleep. I am never asleep before midnight, even when I go to bed early, I lay there for a good hour before I fall asleep. I hate getting up early, but I do it because I hate how I feel when I sleep in. I’m really not of any help here am I?! X

    1. I sometimes wonder about rich people with giant houses – do they have rooms to go to where they can wind down easily so they can sleep? Or is that a random dream of mine? 🙂

  5. It was 6am before i heard the kiddies today and it was a massive sleep in! Usually it’s a 5.15 start – 9am – WOW not sure I could do that now. Before kids, yes but not now

    1. 9am was just wow to me too haha. But the entire day felt off to me – it was so much later than it “should” have been!

  6. I have a notebook in my bedside drawers and if I am having trouble sleeping then I do a brain dump. I actually get some of my blog post ideas from those sessions lol!

  7. I now use a Yoga meditation app! Puts me out like a light every time!
    I’d rather try to stick to my sleep routine on the weekends, it’s just not worth being tired from staying up late!

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