Launch Day To-Do List

Launch Day To Do List

I recently posted my pre-launch to-do list…and thought, hey, a launch day to-do list is probably useful too.

Launch Day To Do List

On the launch day I:

  1. Drank caffeine
  2. Purchased a bunch of ads via Passionfruit Ads
  3. Commented on lots of blogs
  4. Ate chocolate
  5. Asked friends (via private message) if they would RT posts to help share my good news
  6. Made sure I used my hashtag across all social media in all posts that day
  7. Made sure I didn’t just talk about my day – still interact with others like usual!
  8. Checked links for accuracy as pages went live
  9. Post in relevant Facebook groups


Have you ever launched a product or service? What did you do on launch day to make it smoother?

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  1. These all sound like great pre-launch activities. Hope everything goes well once you do launch 🙂

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