I am inspired by…

I am inspired by...

Linking up with Clairey Hewitt again for Blog Everyday In May. I’m not sure I’ll be doing the entire month, but it’s good for days like today when I feel like blogging but didn’t have anything planned!

I am inspired by...

So who am I inspired by? In my teens it was what is probably ‘normal’, TV show/movie actors. That didn’t really last long though. These days I’m not sure who I am inspired by.


I think I’ve moved past being overly inspired by specific people and I get inspired by qualities.


So I feel inspired when I see people who are:

  • Happy
  • Friendly
  • Helpful
  • Living their goals/dreams


I actually think it’s better to be inspired by qualities than people, because it keeps the focus on things that are about you. The ‘danger’ I see in getting inspired by people is hero worshipping them, which actually takes you away from your goals.


Also, taking Mrs Woog’s advice in this ProBlogger article about creating conversations on your blog, I’ve hidden a spelling mistake in this blog post. Also, I once refused an optional vaccine. Gasp.


Who are you inspired by?


15 Replies to “I am inspired by…”

  1. Ha! I don’t think it was hidden, but I am glad you mentioned it first!

    1. The scary part is, I forgot to go back and add one, so now I don’t know where the mistake is haha

  2. I too tend to be inspired by qualities.

    1. Qualities stay the same, whereas people change.

  3. I’m with you, qualities rather than people are much more inspiring.

    1. Much more so!

  4. You are right re the hero worshipping. It can get out of hand…just think Justin Beiber! YIKES.

    1. Haha yikes is right! I’m sure I had some teenage obsessed moments but nothing crazy.

  5. What mistake ?
    I have lots of mistakes on my blog hiding from me.
    I am inspired by qualities too and people’s actions rather than a particular person.

    1. I just had that realisation that I wrote that and didn’t put in a mistake haha. Um…made you look? 🙂 Note to self: stop blogging when half asleep!

  6. I get inspired by folks who are doing awesome things in general. Not being #1 on the “hit parade” like my poppa would say, but things like overcoming obstacles, leading instead of following, instigating positive change. Makes me want to be a better person 🙂

    1. Hit parade, I like it!

  7. So glad there wasn’t a mistake, I thought I would have to go back to editing school! Qualities are so much better to aim for rather than hero worship xx

  8. I’m inspired by anyone who is facing their own mortality or that of their children. And those facing terminal illnesses, they inspire me to be a better person x

    1. I know, that’s just so unimaginable and people do it with such strength.
      A school friend of mine passed away from a sudden, intense cancer (I think it was about 12 months from diagnosis til I was at her funeral) when we were all 21ish and the last time we saw her it was like any other goodbye, a quick hug and a ‘see ya’, even though we all knew this would very likely be the last time we saw each other.
      She knew she was dying, and yet was cracking jokes about how awesome chemo is because she didn’t have to think about shaving her legs anymore.

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