All The Small Things

When you live with (or in a house with) chronic disease, it’s the small things that make a difference.


I have undiagnosed sinus issues. I’ve had head scans (that’s what lead to the brain tumour investigation last year) but in the end I seem to just have a chronically crappy sinus.


My year eight English teacher used to yell at me for not talking clearly enough when I answered a question in class. I would frequently scream back at her “I CAN’T SPEAK CLEARER!” 


I now realise that was probably when I started getting these issues (though I know whenever I went to LA as a kid, I also needed help to breathe, unsure if that was related or just smoggy LA!).


And on a side note, great teaching, you lousy snotty (pun intended) private Brisbane girls school.


But I digress.


Most medications don’t work for me. I’ve been on most drugs & managing it organically (with the help of strong drugs for bad days) is what works for me.


It becomes the little things. Like steamy showers to clear my head. Oh no, I hear you saying, you HAVE to have hot showers?!


I know, it’s not the worst thing in the world. Far from it.


But that’s the thing about any kind of chronic condition. It’s the little things that help. I am an extremely mild example, sure.


For my husband, he has a ton of little things that give him quality of life. These may seem like little luxuries or just a part of a normal life, but they make a huge difference to him, especially as we’re still attempting to get a real diagnosis for what he may have.


For his birthday this year, his sister bought him some really good quality slippers. As someone who has arthritic symptoms (with no medical evidence or reason for having it) using slippers to cushion his feet from the floor and (in winter) the cold makes the difference between a day in discomfort or not.


I think this is why people with invisible and/or chronic conditions struggle so much. The little things matter. Things that are nice for you are significant for them. They make the difference between a good day and a bad day.


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  1. Lovely post. So true how small things matter, and something that can give you relief from pain or discomfort is the most welcome thing in the world sometimes 🙂

    1. And I think the small experiences in life matter too!

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