How NOT to capture a dream.

How NOT to capture a dream

In the middle of the night recently I was having a dream. Part way thorough I half woke up & thought “wow, this would make a great movie. I should wake up and write this down”


With my link sleep being crap recently, I opted against myself and stayed asleep.


I still remembered a bit when I woke up, but I was having a bleh morning, Ben was too sore to get out of bed without help, I couldn’t find breakfast…I just didn’t sit down and write.

How NOT to capture a dream

So come 10am, I finally sat down with my laptop to write. And the magic was gone 🙁


I wrote down what I could remember…which was mostly just part of one “scene”.


I knew that I had a huge backstory; I think while I was dreaming it a I was also thinking about it as a movie and adding backstory. The crap a writers brain does without permission, seriously!


Do you wake up and write things down when you’ve had a great dream?


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  1. Sometimes I will write down a few sentences using the light from my phone, however when I try to read them in the morning I often have no idea what I’ve actually written!

    1. Haha that’s the worst, knowing you’ve tried to capture it and still not having a clue what it was.

  2. I very rarely remember my dreams – maybe once a year… I’ve heard this happens as you ages, but I do miss my dreams…


    1. I don’t remember them too often, maybe once a month or so?

  3. I made this mistake myself recently. My dream would have made for an interesting read but like you I opted to go back and get some much needed sleep and by the time the morning rush was over it was gone.

    About this time last year, I took to having a notebook and pen beside the bed and each night it was like I was continuing on the dream/story but after a few nights off interrupted sleep I stopped dreaming.

    1. I keep hoping I have the same dream again, but so far no luck 🙁

  4. They never seem as exciting when I try and get them down on “paper” :/

    1. There is a certain gloss that’s easy to lose as you write it down; hard to recapture it!

  5. I had a FAB idea for a blog post as I was drifting off to sleep but was too lazy to jot anything down! BUGGAR!

    1. Damn sleep!!!

  6. I kept a notebook beside the bed for these such occasions, but the kids grabbed hold of it and turned it into lovely drawings for me 🙂 Now, I just pick up my iPhone and add it to my notes. Visiting via #teamIBOT.

    1. I’m always too lazy to reach for my phone haha. Or I’m worried the light will wake me up too much.

  7. I have great ideas when I lay down. I really should have a notebook next to me, but then I may never get any sleep. My brain works against me sometimes when I’m trying to sleep as It is.

    1. It might encourage too many ideas? 🙂

  8. Honestly, since being pregnant, my dreams have been so bat-shit bonkers that I wouldn’t even DARE to write them down for fear of being committed ( :p ), but it’s an awesome idea!

    1. Haha write them down!! Brains are so creepy/awesome.

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