Brilliance: Writing, Blogging and Life

Yesterday, I noticed some traffic coming onto my blog from Kidspot. I thought that was a bit odd, as I don’t generally read the site much (seeing as it’s largely parenting and I’m not a parent, though I do frequently act like a child). It turns out I had been nominated for Voices of 2014 and didn’t know it! Um, whoops. Way to feel embarrassed! So, whoever nominated me, thank you! It’s very kind to be nominated for an award, especially around the amazing company of all the other bloggers who were nominated!


Then, because I think too much, it made me think about brilliant blog posts. For both the post ProBlogger Event famils and the Australian Writers Centre competition, I’ve had to select a few blog posts as ‘examples’ of my work. Which is where I get stuck. I don’t really have a niche, a style or a goal with blogging. I just do it as and when I like it. Sometimes I get busy and don’t get to do it when I like it.

Brilliance: Writing, Blogging and Life

I think some of my blog posts are brilliant. I think some are complete shit. I think some were good at the time, a stage in my writing, but not necessarily good on their own. I’ve wished I hadn’t posted some stuff because people read it differently to how I wrote it and I couldn’t be assed to keep explaining it to them.


So what do you feature? Writing, like life, is an ongoing process. Your skill and style will change with you. With what you experience. You can’t wait for your “best” to happen to publish anything because your “best” is contextual. If you waited for your “best” you’d probably never hit publish in your life.


Sure, it wasn’t too hard to pick a post from my travel blog for the post ProBlogger famil – after all I did one last year, so that’s the best example I could give them of how I would write about doing one this year. It’s a lot harder for this blog. I’m “nicheless”. But I’m not. This blog is me. It’s my life, it’s my writing, it’s my blogging experience. My niche is me. I know, how decadently self-involved. I’ve experimented with writing other ways on here but what it comes back to is that I write what I like. That makes me happy. So that’s good from my point of view. But it doesn’t make it easy to choose posts to feature.


Sometimes I’m serious. Sometimes I’m funny (or like to think I am). If my niche is life, do I choose a posts that show my highs and my lows? Do I choose a post I actually bothered to proof read? Wait, none of those exist. Do I choose a post I wrote to help others?


How do you define “best” in your writing? How awesome was this morning’s sunrise?

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  1. I think you should balance what you feel is quality writing with things like views and number of comments 🙂 and congrats again!!

    1. I’ll just keep on talking crap then 🙂

  2. I pretty much just go with what I feel and what’s been occupying my thoughts. That’s the beauty about blogging – you can take whatever aspects of life and turn it into a conversation piece.
    Congrats on being nominated!

    1. That’s true! Thanks 🙂

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