LaughLink: The Google AutoComplete Edition

Laugh Link: The Google Autocomplete Edition

Because when you don’t know what to write about, you can rely on the collective stupidity of the internet to provide you with some fodder.

Laugh Link: The Google Autocomplete Edition


Theme Park GoogleIs a theme park a good first date?

Well, maybe. If you vomit, maybe not. Unless vomiting is your best feature.

What is a theme park?

It’s a place full of goats.

Is Disneyland a theme park?

No. It’s actually a torture chamber.

What is a theme park game?

A game. Based on a theme park.


How Do You Eat GoogleHow do you eat in minecraft?

With your mouth?

How do you eat dragon fruit?

First, you have to fight the dragon for the fruit. But you’ll lose, so maybe just don’t…?

How do you eat a pomegranate? 

Wild guess, but I’m going to say you put some of it in your mouth.

How do you eat star fruit?

Again, I’m going to go with it having something to do with your mouth.


goats will googleGoats will eat anything


Goats will roam wine

Roam in wine? Roam with wine as they work the room at a cocktail party?

Goats will rule world

Well, duh.

Goats will roam

Sure, why not. They’re not wearing cement shoes.


What’s the strangest autocomplete you’ve seen on Google recently? 
The Laugh Link members are:

Emily from Have a Laugh on Me | Kimberley from Melbourne Mum | Alison from Talking Frankly | Vanessa from 26 Years and Counting (aka me!)


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15 Replies to “LaughLink: The Google AutoComplete Edition”

  1. […] up with Emily and Vanessa for the Laugh Link Up and Alicia for Open […]

  2. Oh…. I’m not sure but I always love seeing what pops up. I actually think it’s a benefit of my lack-of-fame also… I would hate to think what ‘could’ be associated with my name. Unlike handsome stars where ‘girlfriend’ appears, it’d be like… “why is she so fat” or “is crazy”… stuff like that.

    1. Haha yep, I can’t google myself because of my middle name, it’s similar to a deceased famous person so all I get are hits on them.

  3. GOATS WILL RULE WORLD! Well, naturally.
    My fave Google is a simple “Why is…”. Everything from “why is the sky blue” to “why is Russia invading Ukraine” comes up 🙂

    1. Ah, the why. The best and worst question in the world.

  4. My favourite is “Why is Google” … called Google. it’s a bit like a dog chasing it’s own tail.

    1. It’s like asking why questions exist!

  5. Clever clogs, love this. Have you seen the one where you put in your name, eg Vanessa is.. and Google it. The suggestion for me is poo – quite amusing!

    1. Well naturally the first hit for me is “fembot”! Then dead… (sad & untrue), then awesome (totally agree), then a very creative sculptress (I’ve never tried, but if I’m awesome, it’s only logical).

  6. I did this with “What does it mean when” once and wrote a post about it… BUT did you know it’s tailored to your most common search terms so you’ve just revealed to us all you look up goats, exotic fruit and wine a lot! Mine came up with medical issues 🙂 Why do you look up goats so much?

    1. Haha I really don’t!! I promise!! 🙂

  7. I concur about Disneyland (and all theme parks) being torture chambers. Thanks for the giggles. xo

    1. Haha if it wasn’t for people, theme parks would be a lot more fun! I love theme parks but don’t like crowds, so I really don’t know how I would go visiting DisneyWorld or somewhere like that.

  8. Lol at Goats will roam wine…what in the world is that??!!! Thanks for the laughs…enjoyed it when I read it on Monday and re-read it again…

    1. That one made the least sense of them all!

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