What Do You Blog About?

With ProBlogger in only a week, the dreaded question of what your blog is about will start to come up. After all, it’s only natural that when you meet someone, you ask what their blog is about. It is a blogging conference, after all!
What Do You Blog About?
The problem I have is that I don’t really have a niche. I just write. I do it about a lot of things. Sometimes better than others. I don’t write with anyone in mind, I just write. Basically, I’m a bad, bad blogger who ignores all the common sense advice.

To resist the urge to reply to the “what’s your blog about” question by saying “I dunno, here’s my business card”, I’ve been referring back to this great post about how to do an elevator pitch/work out your unique selling proposition


I’ve gone ahead and used the template from that article to create this:


My name is Vanessa, I love writing and exploring new ideas (along with the occasional vent/rant) but I didn’t know how to express this until I found blogging. I share my life, along with writing and blogging tips on my blog.


Now, this is a bit harder to use for a blog because I’m not really a niche or overly commercial blogger, and this was designed for businesses. But the principle still works really well and should at least give you something to say! And don’t forget, these things can change over time, so don’t think that just because you’ve said something this year, it has to be the same speech from now until eternity.


Do you have an elevator pitch or short description for your blog? Share it below!


21 Replies to “What Do You Blog About?”

  1. If anyone asks me that question I’ll just point to you Vanessa and say, “What she just said!” You pretty much summed it up, (Except I never write blogging tips because I’d be laughed out of cyber space.) Looking forward to seeing you there 🙂

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      I still think I’ll be laughed out of cyber space for sharing blogging tips (being a low stats blogger and all) but it hasn’t happened. Yet!
      And yay, it’s so soon now!

  2. That’s easy! I blog about myself and the stuff that comes out of my head… 😉

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      And here I thought you were skipping all mention of ProBlogger? 🙂
      Brain blogging it is!

  3. I hate that question – and I need new business cards – the dilemma!
    Blogging is pretty much about writing about whatever you like and that’s the joy of it. I really like the “I dunno” tagline – can I use it?!
    I pulled out of ProBlogger. I think talking shop about blogging was going to do my head in, simply because I love the “I dunno” factor and want to cherish it longer. I don’t want to learn about stat building, media kit writing and other stuff. I just want to write about whatever takes my fancy – a silly thing a child did, a recipe I like or a product review.
    Enjoy ProBlogger – I will be watching all the Facebook feeds with interest and probably seriously wishing I was there.

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      Oh no, I’m sad to hear you won’t be there!
      I do find that if I look at things like the list “clinically” then it is a bit boring, so I have to sit down and think about how it will be relevant. But last year I think I spent too much time learning and not enough networking, so it’s more about that for me this year. In theory. I’m bad at small talk!

  4. My blog is like a mish mash of social issues, feminism, politics and a bit of humour that has been sidelined by parenthood. Or something. I think. 😀

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      I love the word mish mash! Go with it 🙂

  5. I can’t believe Problogger is only a week away!!! That elevator pitch sounds great. I might have to give it a go. My tagline, if you will, is – A mummy, a wife, and a woman on a journey of rediscovery. I guess I don’t really have a niche either, I write about whatever comes into my head and what I think others can relate to. I do like to have an underlying theme though of ‘not losing sight of ‘me’ in this parenthood journey’. Eeek. I’m a bit scared about problogger. Make sure you come say hi.

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      My goal this year is to meet more people, so I hope we will run into each other in the crowds…omg 550 people (or whatever it is) is going to be SO busy.

  6. I love that you have thought about it. I like your elevator pitch – don’t forget to hand over you business card once you have told them all that as well. Have fun wish I was going.

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      Maybe next year?

  7. When in doubt, “Personal blogger” works 😉 Then elaborate what you’re passionate about this year/month/day! Have a great time my dear, I’ll be following along on twitter.

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      Personal blogger is a good go-to!

  8. Oh gosh, I forgot that this will be a question. I need to start considering what I’ll say without sounding weird or confused. Mainly, blog designs I guess. But a neglected personal blog too. Ahh well, I’ll see what happens when I open my mouth.

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      I was so unprepared last year, I kind of just sat back and probably missed too many opportunities. Trying to be prepared this time.

  9. I write about plumbing and being a plumber but I have diversified to include my family. My elevator pitch is a blog that unplugs my life as a plumber and mother. Don’t pin yourself into a box. But I understand how hard it is to answer the question on what do you blog about?

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      Your growing family too 🙂 I like your elevator pitch too.

  10. Wahhh I’m so jealous of everyone that is going this year!

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      I was sooo jealous in 2012!! I followed it on twitter all day at work.

  11. Haven’t done the elevator pitch yet -still a work in progress. But I do know that I’ve got a niche so I’m halfway there.
    Wish I was going to PB – share on IG so I can see how much fun you’re all having!

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