You Network Better Than Cardboard

I’ve seen people worried about going to conferences without business cards. Now, personally, I love to have them. But I wouldn’t be worried about going without them.




You Network Better Than Cardboard


That’s right. A person is much more memorable than cardboard. I remember the people I’ve met at conferences much more than the cardboard I collect for them.


This is especially true if you have ever worked in government. Back when I spent a few years working in Queensland State Government, basically no one had business cards. So if you were lucky enough to be allowed out of the cage office to go to a meeting or conference where you could interact with people from other departments, it was up to you to get to know someone and build a relationship with them.


It’s not necessarily a bad thing. It makes sure that you have to work on your interpersonal skills and make sure that you create a connection with the person you’re speaking with.


Do you feel better networking with or without business cards? 


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