$70.73 Grocery Shop

Coles $70.73 grocery shop for the fortnight

My favourite bill of all, the electricity bill, arrived this week. I usually put an approximately correct amount of money on it each pay, but that hadn’t worked out very well in the past quarter. So… very small grocery shop it is!


ICYMI: I’m also doing fortnightly photo post round ups of what I’ve eaten with what I’ve bought. It needs a snappier name but in the meantime, you can check out the most recent post here.


I had already looked through the sales catalogues this week & nothing we needed was on sale anywhere, so we went to the supermarket closest to us: Coles. Our fortnight bill was $70.73.


Coles $70.73 grocery shop for the fortnight


I actually under estimated what we had in the freezer – I thought we had a little bit of chicken but when I pulled the breasts out they were small ones. I expect that halfway through the fortnight we may need a small top up shop of $10-20, depending on what we get through. I have a few pre-cooking ideas I want to try out this weekend that will help us ‘shop’ for meals from our pantry.


$70 Grocery Shop for the fortnight for two people


There still were a few things we could have cut, like the 3 lemonades, the 1 coke, the cream and the eggs (cream and eggs were both discounted) that would have cut $7 off the bill…but hey $7 for a few small things that are yummy. I can deal with that level of extravagance.


As per usual, we also have $20 to spend at the local veggie shop and we buy bread as needed (1-2 times per fortnight) from our corner store at 2 loaves for $5.


What would an ultra-budget shop look like for you? 


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  1. We are the worst, I could spend that at a corner green grocer, farmers market cum health food store near my house on lunch or cheese. A budget shop is the week’s that we skip it all together and live off the abundance we have collected. Man, I sound like a wanker, but well, that’s us. You asked. Haha.

    1. Oh I so easily COULD…but self control. It’s odd that I have it in this area as I generally don’t have it much at all haha.

  2. Oh we would really struggle to do a fortnightly grocery shop for $70! There are five (5) of us in the family, including 3 adult males. We also have 2 dogs. Our fortnightly grocery bill is usually over $200! I guess if push came to shove I could do it but it would require some thought! 🙂

    1. Much easier to do a small shop with only two of us! It also helps that we keep the basics well stocked too – so each week is kind of only a top up.

  3. I definitely can’t do a fortnight’s worth of groceries under $70. Well done! It’s especially tough when none of the items are on sale…

    1. It’s so easy to spend a lot when shopping. I am so guilty of ‘extras’!

  4. I’m sure the checkout person is so tired of hearing me say… I only came in for a few things.. and look, $100!
    You did very well to spend just $70.
    Our electricity bill is a shocker.

    1. I easily go in for literally one like $2 item and spend $30, which is why I try to shop fortnightly only. I might buy a bit more than I need, but I only do it occasionally then.

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