Why I Buy Home Brand Milk (and I’m ok with it)

Why I Buy Home Brand Milk (and I'm ok with it)

Why I’m ok with the fact I buy home brand milk (usually UHT, sometimes powdered).



I don’t hate dairy farmers.

I also don’t think they are treated fairly by supermarkets.


But it comes down to a combination of price, value and priority.


Why I Buy Home Brand Milk (and I'm ok with it)



I support myself, as well as a dog & partner both with chronic diseases (read: medications, GP & vet bills) on one income. We are ineligible for any government assistance.



Milk is a low use, low value item in my household, both nutritionally & financially.



I spend my money on something that is much more valuable to the health of my household members & conditions: local & fresh fruit, veggies and eggs. All from local farms/businesses.


My point here is not for you to agree with me. It’s that I want you to make an informed choice based on YOUR family needs of price, value, priority and health.


This is how I’ve made my choices. Yours may look similar or totally different.


We all have different variables & that’s ok.


If you can’t afford to buy branded milk, don’t feel bad. You didn’t cause the situation.


Yes, the current promotions & discussions around buying home brand are to avoid it & support the farmers, but only if you can.


After chatting to some friends, I wanted to add this to my blog post:


Changing people’s habits isn’t unworthy but I question if it’s effective. Consumers didn’t cause this, supermarkets did.
Why are there no class action lawsuits/ACCC investigations or things that will actually force change in the system that is causing this to be a problem?


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  1. I buy branded milk mainly because I think it tastes better, which some people probably think is weird. I completely understand that not everyone is in a situation to buy branded. I’m the same with eggs. I will buy branded if they are on sale but otherwise free range generally isn’t in my budget.

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      I get the grassroots movement aspect (voting with dollars is powerful) and the reasons behind it, but I worry at the possibility of shaming of those who don’t/cant.

  2. I personally buy Maleny Dairies because it tastes super good and it’s available locally. I’ve seen some pretty disturbing stuff about this on Facebook with the shaming. I think it’s a type of privilege to be able to spend the extra money, like anything really.

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      I’m sad to hear there has been shaming, but double sad that I’m not surprised.

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