What I Ate, Mate!

Fish and Broccoli Pizza

Here it is, the fortnightly photo post of what I ate! This is partially to show you what I make with what I shop for, but a lot of things are also made from our general home stock of pasta & rice.


Fish and Broccoli Pizza: Obviously we ate this cooked and the photo is uncooked, but the cooked photo looks wonky. They look like this, but melted. It was a random idea I had that turned out amazing.


Fish and Broccoli Pizza


One of those weekend “I need to eat but whaaaattt?” so I went with an omelette filled with tinned chicken.


Chicken Omelette


And for this one I should win food photographer of the year. It’s an olive bun from Coles. They’re really upping their bakery game and it was nicer than stuff I’ve bought from “proper” bakeries.


Olive bun


Hot dogs…a great lazy dinner. All my food is lazy food. Check out that mustard…I may have gone overboard.


Hot Dogs


Sausage sliced length ways with veggies and Pad Thai noodles, topped with crushed peanuts and spring onions to taste.


Sausage Pasta - a very quick and easy dinner.


A fairly typical weekend breakfast – bbq, beach, bacon. The three critical B’s of my life. (Yes, I slather my hash browns with Vegemite. Yes, I am awesome, thank you! So kind.)


BBQ Breakfast - Bacon, egg, hashbrown (with vegemite on it).


I have no brand loyalty – EasiYo maker and Hansells yoghurt. This Greek honey flavour is fantastic. I’ve been eating it for breakfast in an attempt to actually eat breakfast at home.


Home made Yoghurt - Greek honey. Delicious!


Tacos – I use a tip I found online and put the cheese on the bottom so it melts as a seal for when the shells break. It doesn’t really work, but I feel smart when I do it, so I keep on doing it. We generally stick to beef, cheese and carrot, with a sauce of some kind – sometimes avocados if we have them, otherwise it’s something creamy. I also put some corn in the mince.


Tacos - cheese on the bottom, then minced beef, then carrots!


Last week I was SUPER ORGANISED and made snack boxes for me to take to work. This week, not so much! These were really great though and I need to make it a thing to do them.


Easy Snack Box - cheese, salami, egg, grapes, carrot sticks.


Home made wedges for dinner. Yum. We use sunflower oil in our house. What do you use?


Home made wedges

I cannot cook rice. So when I scored a bargain slow cooker from a garage sale, I was all excited. Apparently it’s a thing to make rice in slow cookers, so I did it. It came out a bit gluggy, but that’s better than burned to the pan like


Fried Rice


This a morning I didn’t eat the yoghurt for breakfast…the old cafe “cheap” breakfast of raisin toast. Totally did not have this again this morning too.


Raisin Toast


Cheese, red onion & avocado toasted sandwich.


Cheese avocado and red onion toastie


Another lazy dinner go-to (I swear, all of my meals are lazy and easy to make): chicken roll with aioli.


Roast Chicken Roll


When I ironically couldn’t stand the idea of making a toasted sandwich myself, I went to the cafe one lunch time and bought one.


Bacon avo tomato and chips


Yeah…chicken roll, round two. Using up the leftover chicken!


Chicken rolls - very quick and easy dinner


Home made meat lovers pizza


Home made meat lovers pizza on Lebanese bread


Avocado seems to have been my theme this fortnight…


avo toast


I attempted a mug brownie, which was better than most, but still not great.


mug brownie


We had a really, really nice dinner bbq at the beach the other night.


BBQ beach dinner - all prepped and portioned at home
BBQ beach dinner – all prepped and portioned at home


And the final result: fried rice with home made sweet n sour sauce (because that is SO EASY to make – who knew?)


BBQ beach dinner rice rice with home made sweet n sour sauce


Coconut cream chicken pasta with veggies:


Coconut cream chicken pasta with veggies


Katsu Don – when I was really hungry and a sandwich wasn’t going to cut it.


Katsu Don


And last, but not least, creamy chicken pasta with veggies


Creamy chicken pasta with veggies

Avocado was clearly a theme for me this week. As was not liking sandwiches.


Do you notice trends in what you eat?


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  1. Congratulations, now I’m starving. Mission accomplished! Have you tried the “pasta” method of cooking rice instead of the absorption technique? Never burns!

    1. I’ve tried many things…rice is just not my friend!!

  2. Oh i’m so hungry niow. I use a pressure cooker for my rice but saw a great tip tonight at http://forageforge.com/2015/11/21/a-shameful-collection-otherwise-titled-perfect-steamed-rice/

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