Small Steps

Yesterday I took the first step in that healthy schmelthy direction.


I went to the dietician appointment that I booked. If you saw my last post, you’ll know I was a bit hesitant because the last experience I had was very negative.


This one couldn’t have been more different.


I was welcomed, spoken to respectfully, asked about my budget, my tastes, how cooking & shopping works in my household…it was actually a personal service.


The last one felt like “eat this and fuck off”.


I’m about where I thought I was. I eat too much cheese & I have a weakness for corn chips. I need a bit of extra veg & to make more effort with fruit.


I go on & off fruit so fast that it’s largely a waste of money. I’ve always been that way. I generally like summer seasonal fruits more though, so maybe it’s a seasonal thing for me. And with the price of some stone fruit, a budget thing!


Best part: I don’t have to keep a food diary. Woo! I hate writing down stuff. I told the clinician that I blog my grocery shopping & photos I’ve taken of food each fortnight and she said that’s plenty of info for her. Yay!


What really helped today was my biggest problem meal of the day: breakfast. I get up, get dressed & commute. I could get up earlier, but I already get up before 6am, and I’ve been commuting for a long time, so it’s kind of my “nope” level that has been reached. I’ve got some tips to make them better & easier for how I get up & go.


I also need to find exercise to do. I only do incidental exercise at the moment. She reckons my Wii Fit is enough to just add a bit more general activity to my life. Which means we have to stop getting distracted by the dog fighting game on Wii Sports Resort. We love shooting each other down.


Or walking – I mean, I do live at the beach. But I don’t walk in sunlight, especially in summer, and Ben’s ability to walk is a bit hit & miss so walking isn’t as easy as it seems. We used to walk a lot in the evenings, and it was good. Plus it stopped my boredom eating.


If you’ve got questions about your health, I would encourage you to talk to your GP. There are some options under Medicare – but also check your local Uni. If they do any kind of medical degrees or applied science then there’s a good chance they have a clinic for students to learn in. I had a third year student observing my session today.


My hour long appointment today cost me $20. That’s it. I think it might be double for the non-concession card public.


Have you been to see anyone about your health recently? Do you think having someone review what you eat would be of value to you?


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