Random Wednesday Stuff

Random Wednesday Stuff


Woke up to my alarm. I had set it because I couldn’t work out if I would be well enough to go to work or not.


Not, it turns out. Though thankfully I didn’t sleep on my shoulder last night, so pain is less. My problem is that my body is stressed & exhausted. Like everywhere. It’s not the severity of the pain, it’s the low level, constant level of pain.


I had been prescribed Valium for the muscle relaxant qualities but I told my GP I couldn’t take it – I get up so early & drive pretty much straight away so it’s just not a suitable or safe drug. She prescribed me something else but then I got some side effects of it & couldn’t tolerate those, so I stopped. Since then I’ve been using OTC painkillers to manage inflammation & pain.


I’ve had an X-ray because my GP was originally worried I had it dislocated. Nope. X-Ray was fine & I have no soft tissue calcification either.


Frustrating as hell. I do have physio booked next week, so I am hoping that helps – I’ve never had physio but I assume it may be more painful to begin with. At least it might feel like it’s doing something.


I’m writing most of this in my GP waiting room to try and distract myself from the coughing, the “children’s show” (have you watched the Aussie sketch show Kinnie? You’ll get the joke if you have. I can’t remember which episode it was in though.) on TV & the fuckwit in the corner watching videos on his phone without headphones. When I was desperate for work once, I briefly worked as a medical receptionist and damn I put up with no shit in my waiting room. 


When I woke up this morning I felt like I had enough energy for commuting or work. But it’s not an either/or situation so rest it is. I think that’s what is so hard about a shoulder injury. You can’t rest it like you can something like an ankle. I know how to rest, wrap & raise an ankle. You can’t do that to a shoulder. It feels like it gets better…slowly…. Then I sleep on it by accident and OW it’s like all the good work has been undone.


Very frustrating.


My recent GP; I can’t work out if I like her or not. She listens well, which is frankly (and sadly) miles above most GPs these days. But I don’t feel like I like her clinical decisions, such as prescribing me Valium or choosing an X-ray over an ultrasound for a soft tissue injury.


I saw a different GP today, because my GP wasn’t on. I think I’ve seen this guy once or twice before. He’s pretty good. He told me not to take the muscle relaxants (and that there’s no way I should have been prescribed Valium for it). He examined me for range of movement & tenderness and it is mild, so he told me to keep doing what I’m doing; treat the shoulder with OTC medication & see the physio.


I asked him about the stress/exhaustion & he doesn’t think it’s injury related, so he scoped through my medical test history… My sinus issues are under control, I don’t have sleep apnea, my last big blood test was about 6 months ago. All iron, thyroid & vitamin etc levels were fine, but he thinks I could have some post viral fatigue. I did have the flu shot this year & anecdotally I’ve heard of people at work with bugs so maybe I have something & I’m fighting it off. Which probably explains me randomly waking up in the middle of last night feeling like my skin was boiling off.


So… TL;DR version:

I’m run down, my shoulder will fix itself over time. It’s probably good I’ve spent two days on the couch.


Other random crap:


What happened to me yesterday…

Me (awake, though on painkillers): woah, I had a flashback to a dream!

Husband: cool

Me: yeah I was at a beach

Husband: doing what?

Me: I dunno.

Isn’t that so typical of dreams? Barely any fragments get through.



I got confused getting into my GP clinic, because they finally have the gate working. So I thought they were closed and maybe they don’t open until 9am so I was driving in circles and waiting to see if it opened later … anyway, before I worked out it’s now a ticketed (free, but ticketed because it’s colocated by the hospital which everyone says has parking issues but I’ve never had issues because I’m smart and know secret legal places to park when the carpark is full) and I can just drive up to the gate and press a button for a ticket and see the instructions and go in… I was pulled off to the side and parked, waiting to see if they opened the gates at 9am…and a bird started attacking my car:

So…that’s Wednesday for me and it’s not even lunchtime.


What’s up with you?


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  1. Sorry to hear about your shoulder. Makes it so hard to sleep when you are in constant pain. Hope the physio helps.

  2. Bugger about your shoulder. I 100% can relate to when you say ” it’s the low level, constant level of pain.” That’s what fibromyalgia feels like.
    Get well soon!
    And don’t stand behind those closed gates/doors for too long …

  3. I’ve had similar issues (I think) with my shoulder. Not dislocated but not right. I couldn’t lift my arm above my head for over six months. When we moved, lifting furniture did what no doctor could. Either popped it back into place or strengthened it because it’s now a whole lot better. My new GP suggested it was a frozen shoulder.

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