The Updated New Mother Kit

A few years ago now, I posted a gift that I made for a colleague who was about to go on maternity leave. And the same is happening again. The idea behind it, from my totally inexperienced, non parental point of view, is to (hopefully) make sure that when parents (particularly first time parents) are in the newborn adjustment time, they still have some basics to help themselves feel good. Or showered. I understand those two things may be the same!


The Updated New Mother Kit


Updated New Mother Kit


Again, it’s a pretty simple bag of handy items. I included:

  • Pawpaw ointment
  • Travel sized dry shampoo
  • Mum deodorant (again, deliberate brand choice!)
  • Some mints
  • Antibacterial wipes


Updated New Mother Kit


The bag I bought this time had a fair bit of room, so there was the option to expand a bit, or to leave room for the recipient’s preferred/additional items. I think I’ll err on the side of larger bags in the future when I make this gift as I think it makes it easier for people to either add items specific to them, or replace travel sized items with slightly larger ones if they choose.


Updated New Mother Kit


As I said last time, this could also be a great gift for a long haul traveler (or even a frequent domestic business traveler). Or maybe you have a forgetful person in your life that could do with this stashed in their car! How you apply this present is totally up to you!


What would you have liked to receive in a new mothers kit?


10 Replies to “The Updated New Mother Kit”

  1. Good gift for Kris Kingle too…

    1. Yep – easy to customise to the budget agreed to as well!

  2. Fantastic idea! As a mum and someone who has given gifts to many mums to be, I love stuff that reminds the mum she’s important in this process too. It’s a small gesture that says that even though her whole world is turning upside down (hopefully in the best way), someone remembered she exists – it really does become all about the baby and while that can be amazing, self care for mum is so important to remember!

    1. And it’s so easy to drop self care during something comparatively minor, I can’t imagine how easy it is for self care to drop off when you have an entire human suddenly dependent on you.

  3. What a great idea and so easy to put together too!

    1. I love easy and useful!

  4. I love that you are thinking of the mum to be as a person and giving her something accordingly. The mum can often be overlooked amid the excitement of the baby!

    1. Having zero experience with babies, I can’t help but focus on the mum 🙂 I do usually (and did in this case) buy a funky outfit at the 3-6ish month stage for the baby, but that’s about all I do on the baby side as I just don’t know anything about it.

  5. Great idea Ness. I could’ve done with one of those. I much prefer practical things. Thanks for linking up to Thriving on Thursdays last week. It was great to see you.

    Anne xx

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