New Mother Kit

26 Years and Counting: The New Mother Kit

A colleague in my day job recently went on maternity leave to have her first child. Not really knowing what to get her, knowing that she likes practical things, and liking making my own kits lead me to create the New Mother Kit.


Not having kids or ever having been around them myself, I’m never really sure what is the best option to get someone. Like everyone else, I usually go for the easy option of some clothes from Target. If you do go for clothes, my tips is to buy them for a 6 month old – I figure that everyone buys newborn clothes and by the time they’ve grown, they have no clothes on standby!


One thing I have heard about the early days of motherhood (especially first time  motherhood) is the lack of time to take care of yourself. Baby comes first and takes up all your time! So I wanted to put something together that could fit in a handbag or car pocket for those times when you may have forgotten to do something basic for yourself 🙂


Which brings me to the New Mother Kit:


26 Years and Counting: The New Mother Kit


Included in the kit:

  • Lucas’ Paw Paw ointment – for sore lips & dry skin (can be substituted for any lip balm/vaseline type product)
  • Jila Mints – for when you’re sleep deprived and brushing teeth may have been forgotten
  • Mum Dry – see above (yes, I chose this brand intentionally in the supermarket)
  • Wet Ones – for spills, baby-touching hands and emergency showers
  • Black cosmetics bag – plain and simple, could also be used as a clutch for going out


I also wanted to put some snacks in there, but it would have made the kit a lot bigger. Also, Brisbane is a humid, sub-tropical environment – so it’s hard to find food that doesn’t crush or go off in a car or handbag.


This is a pretty versatile present that only cost me about $15 – you could give this to someone who’s about to go on a long haul flight too.


What would you include in a New Mother Kit? If you’ve had a child or two (or three or more!), what would you have wanted in this kit? What other situations would you use this gift for?

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  1. What a fantastic idea!

  2. I’m gifting dry shampoo at baby showers this year… But then we’re also renovating our bathroom.

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