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A conundrum I’ve been trying to figure out lately is if I am organised or not. If you ask my husband, I bet he’d say I’m not! And I think that is my natural state (if we have such a thing). But the flip side is that I’ve done so much research and project work that I have a significant set of organisational skills. But are skills really “you”?


The ponderance of all of this started when I was thinking about my hiatus from Bloggers and Bacon. I like to batch write and create content. It works so well for me. When I’m in “the zone” I can create a metric shit-tonne in a very short period of time.


The problem with creating so much in a short period of time, and then scheduling it, is that there’s no “active” participation required from me to make it all actually happen. So I tend to forget to check on things and it makes it all very disengaging. But if I was to NOT batch create, I’d probably forget to create at all.


Daily type routines don’t really work for me. I clearly have a crappy immune system (oh and guess what? two weeks after having tonsillitis, I have it again) & frankly saying X day is for Y activity just makes me feel like I have to feel good enough that day to do it. And, especially based on 2017 so far, that just isn’t something I can guarantee.


What actually is the intersection between organisation skills and organisation nature? Are you organised? Have you learned to be organised?


#ArchiveLove 23



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4 Replies to “#ArchiveLove 23”

  1. I tend to be quite organised, my husband would say I’m obsessively organised. I have lists of things to do and diaries for various different areas of my life. I feel I need to be organised as I have so much going with the kids, work, blogging and more that if I didn’t have my diaries and my lists nothing would get done.


  2. I am organised, but after chemo fried my brain last year, I am disorganised and organised at the same time. If this seems confusing, you’re right. I struggle to live with it but can barely explain it.
    Hope you’re feeling better!

  3. I am not organised! I am trying to be more organised but it doesn’t last long! I hope you feel better soon.

  4. I think there is another intersection in play for many of us and that is creativity. Too much structure can stifle that. Having said that, no structure means the creativity never bears fruit. Some days I am madly organised and push through my to do list, other days it feels largely irrelevant.

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