#2015TheYearOfMe Challenge 19

2015TheYearOfMe Challenge 19 Do It

Do It.


The past week I’ve been down & out with the flu, followed by a sinus infection. I took a week off work to rest. And I didn’t miss work. I don’t mind my job, or the people, or what I do. I just didn’t miss it. At all. And that feels somewhat significant.


Life has floated a bit for me in 2015. Changes have happened frequently and it has been hard to control the direction of some things in my life. And that happens. It’s ok for that to happen.


But where it turns into an issue is when you don’t get back on track after the changes. When you languish in dealing with changes, fly by the seat of your pants and don’t get things done very well. And that has been my issue for a lot of this year. I suck at focus. I forget my goals.


Maybe forgetting my goals means that they weren’t the right ones. Maybe I just need to write them down and stick them somewhere obvious. Maybe I have a really bad case of shiny object syndrome. Ok, I know I have that.


What I’m doing for the rest of the year is building from the ground up. In one way or another, this blog and Bloggers and Bacon are businesses of mine. I have so many different ideas for books and courses (the courses are mostly for Bloggers and Bacon) but I keep swapping around which one to do when and how and where and….  and that’s how I lose sight of my goals.


For now, I’m ignoring that side of my goals. What I am doing is getting my content more organised. That means finishing off draft blog posts. Scheduling posts. Making sure I share to old posts that I love and that are valuable. It means getting the groundwork up to a great standard and making sure I’m ahead of schedule.


Only after that am I going to focus on the eProducts I have in mind. Some of these are mostly written. Some need to be created from scratch. That’s ok. Once my blogs are running ahead of schedule, I will have mental space to work on those areas.


2015TheYearOfMe Challenge 19 Do It


Focus is something I struggle with. I’m hoping that by getting ahead of plan, it will let me have one less distraction in front of me so that I can focus.


It was interesting to commute back to work after a week in bed. I felt out of place. Like I didn’t belong back in this day job world. I didn’t feel comfortable around people whose goals fit that description. (I know, sweeping generalisation there. How do I know the people I saw on the train aren’t thinking the same thing I am?)


But that commute helped me see that I have goals. That I need to focus.


That I need to do it.


What are you doing to make things happen for yourself?


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  1. Good on you for taking a step towards doing it. I think that’s the thing…we have goals but get so caught up in our day to day lives that we lose sight of how to achieve these goals. On my end, I’ve started taking every second Friday off my full time job to focus on writing and seeing where it takes me.

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