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I am nerdily excited about this weekend! One of my favourite festivals is on, which I call “wood fired pizza for breakfast” festival. It’s a favourite once a year indulgence. 


The other thing I’m excited about is using a new bag. Which is the nerdy part. One of the good things about feeling better is all the shiny objects are floating past me and I’m having great fun with new ideas and being able to actually do stuff again. And one of the things I had wanted to do was start using my video skills so I get better practice. I make the occasional “weekend chats from my car” video with my iPhone, but I also have a  GoPro and a DSLR that is great for video (Canon 7D for those curious). I really want to learn more (by practicing) filming on all of the cameras, and seeing the best ways of combining the footage of each type. Anyway, last weekend I had all of my camera gear out on the couch in front of me and I thought “It’d be great to have a bag for this”, becuase my DSLR bag isn’t quite right for adding a GoPro and mini tripods etc to. It could be done, it’s just not optimal.


Then, seemingly unrelated, also last weekend we dropped around to my in laws. What did my mother in law have but a brand new, unused bag that is literally perfect for my video kit. It even has a padded slot for iPads, which is where it becomes perfect – I prefer to use the iPad wifi for viewing the GoPro camera as that way I can also use my iPhone at the same time. I actually don’t usually like Lowepro bags as I think they’re clunky and ugly but this one is quite compact and basic but not super ugly. I’ll probably do a proper review of it once I have used it.


lowepro bag


#ArchiveLove 42




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4 Replies to “#ArchiveLove 42”

  1. More deets on the woodfired breakfast pls. That sounds awesome…(& nice bag)

    1. It’s a local festival called What’s Cooking In The Gardens 🙂

  2. I have got to get up to scratch with vids. Shame you’re not nearby – we could do it together.
    Great score on the bag! The universe is providing for you girl!

    1. And I scored my detangling conditioner half price on the way into work today! (So I bought three bottles haha.) Let me know if there’s anything you specifically want to know about video – I can always write a blog post about it. Not that I think I know much…

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