Why Blogging Formulas Are Bullshit

Every now and again, someone will sell a blogging formula. Wait, everyday, not every now and again. You can learn the twelve steps someone took to reach some wonderful kind of blogging domination. Insert eye roll here.


Why Blogging Formulas Are Bullshit


Why Blogging Formulas Are Bullshit


But wait, I hear you say. You write about blogging and sell blogging eProducts. Yep, I surely do! But I do not sell a formula. None of my products are my magical steps to point A or how to dominate social media B.


So why are blogging formulas bullshit? Because that person is not you, and their blog is not your blog.


That doesn’t mean they have nothing to teach you. Experience is always valuable. But unless you acknowledge the variables in things like blog topic, money and time investment, when the blog was started, and many (many) more, then the formula is pointless.


That is why I made a very conscious decision to make my eCourse in particular workshop style. I give you background on a topic, how I’ve used it, and ways to consider if it will work for you.


In the end, it relates a bit to this post. Learn, by all means. But analyse if it will work for you.


Do you think there is a blogging formula? What do you think of courses that sell strategy but don’t cover analysis of implementing it to suit you? 


6 Replies to “Why Blogging Formulas Are Bullshit”

  1. I absolutely don’t believe in formulas, not only am I different to the other blogger but my readership is different too. Thank heavens for your good sense 🙂

    1. I think you can take what you want to learn from any blogger and apply what works for you, but selling a specific formula as the only way…nope!

  2. Yeah I don’t believe in formulas. And I don’t really follow most of the rules. Hell, I’m still kinda involved in personal blogging which was so 2010! 😛

    1. I actually think people need to get over their hating of personal blogging. It’s a powerful medium and I don’t see it ever going away.

  3. This is very good. I went to a pro blogger in 2011 and came away with what I thought would help…because ‘you know, experts told me this’. I tried a few posts via their methods and nothing sounded like me or my voice/message. Quickly become very disenchanted and stopped chasing anything that looked like it might lead to more of this that and the other. Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek 34/52. Next Week’s prompt: LTW is ONE!

    1. I’ve learned a lot from the ProBlogger events over the years (and of course met so many great bloggers) but I always take what I want away and ignore the rest.

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