2017 #ItsInTheBag For Share The Dignity

#itsinthebag bag 2017

So what was in my #itsinthebag bag for Share The Dignity this year and what did it cost? I have tried to list the price I paid for everything but I did collect the items for this over many months, so some I had to guess because I just didn’t take note and/or forgot! This is not endorsed or sponsored or anything by them, I just love the simplicity and effectiveness of this collection. (So much so that I applied to volunteer with them on the weekend.)


2017 #ItsInTheBag For Share The Dignity


2017 #ItsInTheBag For Share The Dignity


Firstly, the bag! I wanted to get something a bit bigger and nicer than last year. And also with a zip. I think zips are important on all bags, and with something the scale of the #itsinthebag campaign, I hope that zips also help a lot with transport. Practicality matters to me. As with many of the items (both in this bag and in my life!) it’s from Kmart. I found it on sale for $7, but I think they were $15 full price. I particularly liked it as it has both long and short handles. I like the idea of the really nice handbags but I’m a practical person at heart. And also, no one knows the situation that the person who receives the bag will be in, maybe a long handle will free up their hands for other items. I think convenience is a big thing in life.


my itsinthebag bag


I got a shower cap, eye mask and bath fizzer/bath bomb from Kmart for $2 each. I’m not a matchy matchy person but I think most people are, so out of the couple of different ranges they had of these products, I chose the jasmine and coconut ‘flavour’ as it was the only one I could get all three in.Β 


Eye Mask Shower Cap Bath Bomb


Also from Kmart, I found some rose gold (ish) chunky jewellery one day when I was looking for something else. I can’t remember what these cost, I think they were $4 each new but I have a feeling I paid $1 each as they had been marked down. They were actually the first thing I bought for the bag this year, which is why I can’t remember what I paid for them!


Rose Gold Jewellery


Then when it go to October, I figured it was time to start buying some of the practical stuff for the bag. While picking up some veggies for lunch, I came across a heap of great stuff on sale in Coles.


This cute tin of Moxie Mini tampons were only $1.70. Cute bargain.


Moxie Tampons


The Kotex liners were only $2.66:


U Kotex Liners


Colegate Toothpaste was $2.80:


Colgate Toothpaste


The Oral B toothbrush was on sale for $1.50:


Oral B Toothbrush


I bought this bag secondhand for $5, but it was new. It didn’t quite fit my wallet unfortunately so I thought I’d pass it on and give two bags!


Mini Handbag


I was buying some prescriptions in a chemist and when I got to the register they said “Oh you can take something from this basket for free”. Strange, but I obliged. I took this sports towel with the idea of adding it to my itsinthebag bag. I have some great travel towels so it’s excess to my needs.


Sports Towel


I lurrrvveee the Terry White I Need range. 99c each for some great essentials – a 4 pack of tissues, ear plugs, foot file, nail file (emery board, so it complies with the no sharps for this collection) and a lint roller.


Terry White I Need


This is the full range of sanitary items I have put in the bag. Overnight pads, tampons of all sizes, and some sample pads I can’t remember where I got them. The two packs of Carefree tampons were only $2.55 each. I think the overnight pads were $2.25.


Sanitary Items


This little coin purse was an unwanted gift. I just don’t use these small purses. So I’ve added it to my bag (inside the mini handbag inside the bag) and I hope whoever gets this bag finds use and luck from it.


Coin Purse


The soap (a 4 pack) and deodorant were both Dove. I can’t remember the cost for these, but based on regular retail costs, the soap would have been $6.80 (though I have a feeling I got it on special) and the deodorant $4.20.


Dove Products


The shampoo and conditioner were $2.50 each, and textured spray was 99c. It made me giggle (I was picturing sea salt being corn chips sprayed into hair).


Hair Care


And, of course, no blogging post is complete without a flat lay photograph of the entire bag. Of course, I also literally covered the entire bag with the contents, but I’m just taking that as a positive sign that hopefully someone will love this.Β 


#itsinthebag bag 2017


In total, this bag cost me approximately $58.Β Which is why I built it up over many months. I some people like to count how many they can do, which is also great, but I like to put all of effort (and budget) into one. Like last year, I’ll also be adding a personal note.Β 


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Everything has now been put in zip lock bags (in case of leaks!) and is sitting ready on my table to be dropped off when the drive opens.


There are so many other things you could add. Hairbrush, hair ties, moisturiser, notepad, pen, diary, book, magazine, gift card, suncream, hat, scarf, umbrella, mouthwash, floss, sunglasses, wipes, hand sanitiser… but mine is full! (No food, medication or sharps are to be in the bags.)


Collection points for #itsinthebag 2017 open this Saturday, November 18th. The collection points will be available on the website here when the drive opens. The drive closes on December 2nd (so they can get these to people for Christmas), so there is still heaps of time to do up a bag and send some both some love and practical support to someone in need.


Are you filling an #itsinthebag bag this year? What does your bag look like? Do you think my bag should be marked as a teen one? I’m unsure but think it could go for either!


43 Replies to “2017 #ItsInTheBag For Share The Dignity”

  1. Wow, I absolutely love how practical you are and how much thought you put into the contents of the bag (and the bag itself). I know that the recipient will be so appreciative! x

    1. I’m picky on bags myself so I couldn’t NOT overthink it!

  2. You were able to score some bargains there and provide so much for those who have so little. I haven’t had an opportunity yet to get one together for this year but this is an excellent reminder for me!

    1. I’m nothing if not a bargain hunter πŸ™‚

  3. I love the bag (totes agree with you about the handles) and all the things in it! You’ve given me loads of ideas of what to put in mine and thanks for the reminder. Note to self: get bagging!

    1. There’s just so much you can include but mine is about bursting with these items.

  4. I love this Ness. I did a call out last year and asked friends and locals to donate to this cause. My goal was to collect 20 bags. I ended up with 90 bags – WOOHOO. I am doing it again this year with the aim to collect 150 bags…

    1. That’s an amazing goal to have – good luck in reaching it πŸ™‚

  5. Very cool
    I did three bags last year and my mum did two or three as well. I didn’t do any this year because I have no bags worthy of passing on (next year I’m sure I’ll have a couple). But my step daughter Chelsea did it for the family this year. Such a good cause.

    1. I really love what they do.

  6. Such a worthwhile initiative! Some lucky recipient will be so thankful for your effort in putting this practical bag and contents together.

    1. I hope so πŸ™‚

  7. Such a beautiful effort and thoughtful effort, Ness!

    SSG xxx

    1. Thanks πŸ™‚

  8. I have my bag here as well. I’m hoping to have 2-3 ready to go very soon. How great is Kmart for this stuff? You can really stretch your budget and make a nice collection of useful things. This bag looks great- someone will be really pleased to receive it, I think!

    1. Kmart is so good! I buy most of my stuff there these days cos it fits what I want to spend on stuff like clothes.

  9. Also- scheduled this for sharing on Parent Talk Au this week πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you!

  10. Wow. I loved looking at your sharethedignity bag and goodies. This year I was less generous (but it was because of our budget) …last year I did 2 bags which cost well over $100. This year I decided on one and I would be as practical as I could be by getting a well-cared for second hand carry-on type bag from the Salvos. I did this last year because it would hold more and was a practical item. I had some items I had kept and some I bought for a total of $37.00.
    It is a good cause and I planned mine for an older woman. In some ways I wish there was a way to delineate on the bag the age group. I do know that when the bags are received the sharethe dignity people (maybe the volunteers) go through every single bag. I also packed items in large and medium zip lock plastic bags so there was no spillage. Thanks for sharing! D

    1. A carry on bag is a fantastic idea! I might do that next year.

  11. I love this! I like how you’ve got not only the essentials but also some things that are just pretty or luxurious.

    1. I did go for the pretty first haha. But the essentials make it what I love, so practical and genuinely helpful.

  12. Thanks again Ness for sharing!! Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek 44/52 Next Week: Taking Stock (last one for 2017)

  13. Great work, Ness! You’ve done an awesome job of filling that bag and drawing attention to a worthy cause.

    1. It’s such a great drive.

  14. This is so cool, Vanessa. I love the bag and what’s in it. A great cause. I love how selective and careful you’ve been.

    1. I wish I had more fun things but I’d rather someone has more essentials.

  15. Great work Vanessa. I just purchased a few more things for my bags yesterday and they are almost finished now. As Amy said, I’m loving K-Mart for great little items to add. I also use Natio skin care and they give lots of little gifts with purchase, which I’ve been saving up to add to the bags. It’s such a fabulous idea! πŸ™‚ #TeamLovinLife

    1. Last year I had a ton of samples I included when I cleared out the bathroom drawer! This year I didn’t have any, I guess I hadn’t collected any.

  16. I didn’t participate last year as I didn’t hear much locally but I know a friend recently shared something saying that Bunnings was a collection point, which sounded great. I think that was a sticking point for me last year. Others I read about knew someone organising it but I didn’t and it was far too easy to remain apathetic.

    I might get my mum onto it for both of us for this year as it’s the sort of thing she LOVES. My brother visited last weekend and had a heap of stuff for her church Op Shop. She was agog to find half a dozen teddy bears with tags still on them. She’d already done her church Christmas parcels so found another place doing kids’ presents to add them to that.


    1. Yep, Bunnings have come on board as a collection point. It was announced this week. I think that’s so great of them and must make it so much easier as it’s a nice public place everyone knows!

  17. A great cause and I have a blog post publishing early next week about the same thing! We can’t ever have enough advertising for such a worthy charity. Thanks!

    1. Oh excellent, I can’t wait to see your bag!

  18. This is a great initiative for such a worthy charity. I’m about to go shopping for my “It’s in the bag”. You have found some great ideas for inclusion in the bag. Thank you. #TeamLovinLife

    1. I wish I could have put in more, but even mostly the essentials filled my large bag pretty quickly.

  19. Just bought the things for #itsinthebag and was going to write about it next week! I had so much fun purchasing things, and it’s a lovely charity. Looks like you’ve bought some useful and ingenious products too – great that we can drop off at Bunnings isn’t it? I think until 2nd December?

    1. Yep, runs 18th Nov to 2nd Dec πŸ™‚

  20. I had planned to fill a few handbags of mine that I no longer use for this campaign, however life has taken an unexpected turn and my time and attention is being taken up elsewhere. I will participate next year. The contents of your bag are awesome. Whoever received this will be very happy indeed! #TeamLovinLife

    1. I think you have enough on right now to not need to think about charity xox

  21. Well done Ness, I love the texture spray for 99c, literally the best product ever for ultra fine hair like mine! I’m going to a Christmas function on Friday & the speaker is the founder of Share The Dignity x

    1. Oh I hope the function is good!

  22. Someone is gong to just LOVE this!! I was very into it last year and made up a few bags but things are flat out working full time this year! Having said that you make it look all very easy looking at the pics – I’ll let ya know how I go! #teamIBOT

    1. A quick trip to Coles, a chemist and kmart would have you set πŸ™‚

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