Find Your Blogging Boundaries

Find Your Blogging Boundaries

What do you NOT want to blog about? As much as bloggers are habitual sharers (almost by definition), there comes a time when you will need to find your blogging boundaries and work out what you don’t want or need to blog about.


Things You Should Consider In Finding Your Blogging Boundaries:


Find Your Blogging Boundaries


The Privacy Of Others

I know we live in a highly connected world, but I’m a little old-fashioned in a few areas. Unless I’m at an organised, public event, I actually don’t like it when people put photos of me online. I know, right?


Is the story that you’re telling really yours to tell? The most common discussion I’ve seen around this is about how much parents include of their children’s lives online. There is no right or wrong answer here; everyone will find their comfort level – usually through trial and error. 


The Law

This relates to privacy as well, of course. But it’s also about more than this. It’s usually ill-advised to discuss any ongoing court issues or legal situations that you’re involved in. You also need to be careful about defamation – which is a huge topic that I am not qualified to even discuss. Basically, I would say that if you have doubts about what you are writing, either consult an expert in that area of law or don’t post it. Keep it simple and safe. 


Deciding what to include in your blog is particularly hard when you’re a personal blogger. If you blog about other people in your life, say friends and family, then honesty is the best policy. Ask them if they mind being blogged about. Some people are fine with it, others may have requests like no photos or to change their name/a few details. It’s up to you to follow the standard of law and set the standard of ethics on your blog.


How do you decide what you do and don’t blog about?


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