What Is A Call To Action?

Many things that new bloggers are unfamiliar with fall into the terminology category. Since blogging can be used as content marketing, quite often it’s the marketing terminology that slips in. While the words themselves are simple enough, the meaning and how you use them are less simple.


What Is A Call To Action?


What Is A Call To Action?


A call to action is a marketing term for a statement (or image, or any kind of trigger) that causes a potential consumer to take action and purchase a product or service.


In blogging, it is used to refer to getting the reader to take the blogger’s preferred action. Maybe they want the reader to buy a book, or sign up for a newsletter, share a post or leave a comment.


You’ll notice at the bottom of any post I write, on any blog, I ask a question. This isn’t a pointless activity, it helps to engage readers and make sure they’ve gotten the most out of that particular blog post. It also helps me to identify gaps in how I may have explained or implemented something.


Tip: this term is sometimes shortened as CTA.


What terminology do you struggle with?


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