How Often Should I Blog?

One of the first question I see newbie bloggers ask in blogging groups is:


How Often Should I Blog?


How Often Should I Blog?


The great thing about blogging is that you control it! You can decide 🙂


Having said that, there are a few things to consider:


Why are you blogging?

If you’re blogging as a marketing exercise for your business, once a week is probably sufficient. It’s enough to keep your website “fresh” online and easy for you to share with your customers without overwhelming them.


If you’re a personal blogger:

There really are no rules. But it is worth getting to know your readers and seeing how often they can actually get to your blog to read your posts.


What can you maintain?

I am not a creature of habit. I work in peaks & troughs. When I’m having a peak, I write a ton of blog posts & want to get them all out there right now! But if I didn’t stick to a roughly twice per week schedule, I would run out of posts in a trough.


Know how you work & work with yourself.


How do you get to know yourself?

Trial and error!


How often do you blog?


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