Kidspot Voices of 2015 Top 100 Masterclass

Kidspot Voices of 2015 Top 100 Masterclass

I am a huge fan of hashtag stalking conferences and events. You can’t always be at them all, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn from them all! I stalked the Kidspot Voices of 2015 Top 100 Masterclass event on Twitter.


Kidspot Voices of 2015 Top 100 Masterclass


I took some notes during the day and have added my thoughts where relevant – I’ve tried to attribute correctly to the speakers but at times it wasn’t clear who was saying what. If anyone has clarification, I would be happy to add this is into the post.


Engagement more important than reach

Is this a case of best practice that isn’t being followed? I know from my own experineces that EVERYONE says engagement is the thing brands want, but frankly I haven’t seen it being asked about from brands. Again, this is just my own experience, but people still ask for stats (eg unique views) first. And sometimes that’s all they ask for. Should bloggers be pushing whatever their particular strengths are? Stats, or sheer page views are not the only way to measure blogging. The day-ProBlogger sessions around Australia earlier this year focused on successful small stats bloggers, so even from those small events, there is plenty of evidence that small stats blogger are relevant.


Look at the way your readers engage with you

Use this when working with brands to ensure you are giving them the best ROI (return on investment). If you get people commenting on a social media channel but not your blog, then a blog post that requires high engagement to get the desired ROI may not be the ideal campaign. Maybe a series of social media posts showcasing the brand would suit your readers better.


Get ALL the details from the brand

Everything. The images, correct details, hashtags. Be as complete as possible so that you can give them the best possible outcomes.



Social media is the highlight reel of your life. Don’t use it to compare! Or the Christmas letter – for those of us old enough to remember Christmas letters being a big thing.


Great Tips For All Bloggers:

From Be A Fun Mum:

  • Plan your day when you work best.
  • You own email list is critical!
  • Don’t focus on what you’re writing about, go back to the essence of what your blog IS


From y Travel Blog:

  • Blog about what you love
  • Make time for yourself first thing in the day
  • Use tools to boos productivity – outsource if need be
  • Say no to the opportunities that aren’t right for you


SEO Tips

From @gloyns & @thewildhideaway

  • High qualty content that is helpful is more important than links in search terms
  • Optimise your post:
    • Google Keyword Planner
    • Google Trends; Google Suggest
    • Blog Post Optimisation Checklist
  • Google Suggest – type the beginning of a term into the search panel and see what Google suggests.


Have you ever hashtag stalked an event? What is your favourite tip from the list above?


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