10 Reasons To Hire A Blog Coach

10 Reasons To Hire A Blog Coach

One of those “wish list” items for bloggers is often to have someone there to help them along with their blogging journey. You may or may not have heard of blog coaching and blog coaches, so I thought I would put together a list of reasons to hire a blog coach! Hopefully it will explain some of the benefits.


10 Reasons To Hire A Blog Coach


Reason One: Save time

No more wasting time reading possibly unhelpful articles, wondering which ones apply to you. Or HOW to apply the knowledge to yourself.


Reason Two: Save money

In the long run, getting ahead sooner and more efficiently will save you hours of work.


Reason 3: Get personal attention

Tired of not getting specific answers to questions you have in forums? As great and helpful as most bloggers are, they’re not necessarily invested in your success. A blog coach is. They want you to succeed and can help you with their experience.


Reason 4: Set better goals

Being clear about your goals (or even¬†setting then in the first place if you don’t already have them).


Reason 5: Have accountability

Sitting at your laptop and telling yourself that you’re going to do something (no really, I am going to create that eCourse) is not the same as having someone who holds you accountable for your actions (or lack thereof). Knowing that you have to get something done to report back to someone is a powerful motivational tool!


Reason 6: To reach your goals sooner

The great thing about accountability (reason 5) is that it stops the waffely excuses of why something wasn’t done. It helps you with the shiny object syndrome (hands up, who else is so very guilty of this?) and all of that combined means that you get to reach your goals sooner than you would working alone.


10 Reasons To Hire A Blog Coach


Reason 7: To make changes

Lets fact it: even if you’re used to change and uncertainty, it’s not really that fun. Having a blog coach means that you have someone with you to support you and help you if you’re making changes to your blog.


Reason 8: To make more money

Firstly: I call bullshit on any coach that guarantees you’ll make x amount of money. No one can guarantee that – it’s not because they or you are bad at your job, it’s because there are a near infinite amount of factors that go into make a business a success, and you can’t control all of them. Having said that, a coach does help you to make more money by helping you to keep focus, by refining ideas and helping you with all the things I’ve listed in this post.


Reason 9: To become a leader

Making the jump to stand out in your industry as a leader can give people the same feeling as walking unsupported on a tightrope above a canyon that has white water rapids at the bottom.


Reason 10: To make a bigger impact

I really loved this one thing I heard in a¬†session at the ProBlogger conference in 2015. “We made a goal to help people”. Yep. Helping people via your blog is a way to make a bigger impact on the world.


Would you consider hiring a blog coach? What questions do you have about blog coaching?


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