Shiny Organisation

The thing about having and embracing shiny object syndrome is that it’s also hard. Don’t let anyone lie to you about this. I run 90% of blogs, ideas, projects, future books, podcasts, youtubeseseses, services and whatever else I do via NormalNess. Because we are all normal to ourselves. For me that means a lot of ideas.


Shiny Organisation


Shiny Organisation


Knowing that October is a hella busy month in my day job means that I had to get my shit together. So I used a stormy day on the recent long weekend to start shitting. Wait, that doesn’t sound right. Anyway.


I had been trying to map out what running multiple things looked like to me. How often do I post? Which social media do I use for what? I mind-mapped it (on paper, because my brain works better on paper) as well as in list form. Because both are needed for me to work. And then, when I started to look at what needed to be done for October (and ideally, the start of November too)…it was a lot. So I re-revised. Cut my blogging down across all sites, effectively.


So what do I have and do I do right now?


Sarcastic Advice

I have my current side project blog, Sarcastic Advice, which has new blog posts fortnightly from now on. I primarily use Facebook as its social media platform, because I found it easier to set up sharing on Facebook. I do of course also have Instagram and Twitter for it, but no capacity to run them properly, so I’m not even trying at the moment. It may very well have a series of (relatively) short eBooks in the future.


Virtual Anthropologist

I’ve started and stopped Virtual Anthropologist a few times. I actually incorporated some blog posts from Virtual Anthropologist into this blog before I decided I can’t quite part with it. I primarily use Twitter for this business. You can read my why behind this business here. At the moment my plan is to only blog monthly on this site.


Suitcase Scribbles

My neglected travel blog, Suitcase Scribbles, neglected because I’m too poor to travel. But I love the name and have already learned that I will never get rid of it. Due to some rather shitty migrations in the past, 99% of the site is broken and I haven’t fixed it. But seeing as I don’t update it, it’s not really an issue. But it’s something I won’t part with.


And of course, this blog.



What do I do under this main website of mine? Phew. Well, why one main website? Wise friends told me it was hard to know where to find me and my latest projects. Which was a damn good point. So I keep as much as possible under this site.

Currently that includes:

  • Blog posts on ALL THE TOPICS
  • Many half written books – and you can sign up to hear about Fuck Should when it’s released
  • Shiny project management services Updated services through Embrace Shiny
  • Random weekend chats from my car YouTube videos
  • Blogging eBook and eCourse (coming soon, newly updated)
  • Patreon (for those who want to help me be shiny with all the things)


As well as plans for:

  • A podcast on shiny object syndrome
  • a blogging podcast
  • Youtube series’ on …well, at least shiny objects and blogging.
  • The half written books mentioned above


Why do this much?

I can’t not. Every time I try to drop things, I feel wrong. I don’t like being put in a box. I hate being seen as just one thing. It doesn’t suit me, and I don’t think I need to fit into what the boxes of others want me to look like.


What does what you do online look like?


14 Replies to “Shiny Organisation”

  1. This makes me anxious just reading about all your projects! You’re a superstar being able to do this much at once. I’ll be in the corner hyperventilating haha.

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      Haha I can’t not do it all. Granted when you do multiple things you make slower progress, but it’s what suits me.

  2. OMG, I can so relate to your dilemma here Ness! I have Positive Special Needs Parenting which I’d like to ideally blog weekly on (plus work on presentations, training, etc.). I also have Double Scoop Consulting which is my copywriting business and takes up a lot of my time in actual work. In addition, I also have Autism Family Travel which is sadly neglected right now but needs to be resucitated for our big OS trip in 2020. We also have Smarter Happier, a lifestyle blog which is on hiatus because, no time! We need to continue to keep each other accountable!!!!

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      We do need to keep it up! And it’s so easy to let a blog get neglected from lack of time.

  3. I always have to smile at your projects and your enthusiasm! 🙂 I love that you are passionate and do all of the things blogging/podcasting/online-ing. I know what you mean though by it feeling wrong to drop things. I’ll be honest, for me online at the moment, it’s mainly just the one blog. The psychology one has fallen off the wayside but I’m hoping to revive it. I have so many ideas for mental health related stuff and creative writing stuff but life stressors at the moment have been hindering me. Oh and burnout too. Looking forward to your podcasts and anything new of course! 😀

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      I’ve got most of the first season of a podcast planned out, and a host picked. So it might not be too long before one of them is up!

  4. I love that you have fingers in all the pies or at least on all the shiny things. I take my hat off to you because I can just about cope and keep up with one blog, let alone blogs plural plus projects. I love that you do you in a variety of forms, it’s what makes you you-nique!

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      I can’t not – one thing is boring to me. Lots of things keeps me happy and entertained. And learning!

  5. I hear ya. I’m someone that has “multiple project syndrome” and I won’t part with any of them. Why? Because I love to switch and change between things … and also feel the need to stay constantly busy … and all my projects mean something (even if only to me)

    I do like your NormalNess page. It’s a great umbrella

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      Yep it’s just how some of us work best, I reckon.

  6. I too have to commit stuff to paper..and draw it rather than any other way. I had 3 blogs for a while and tried so hard to get them up and read by many. Nope. Did not happen. So integrated it all back to one, and saved a bit of money in hosting and domain names and pretty pleased with it all going fine now.

    Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek. Next week’s optional prompt is Best Friend Stories. Denyse.

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      Integrating most things in one banner does help quite a bit. And the domain fees and hosting can add up when you have a lot of them.

  7. I’m a great starter. I always have several projects on the go, but keeping up with and finishing them is another thing entirely. Something always gets in the way. I don’t get distracted so much by shiny things but by ALL the things. I try to allocate time to the most important things, and accept that I can’t do it all – at least, not at the same time!

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      Oh finishing them is totally my problem too! I’m ok with short and quick tasks like managing blogs, but bigger ones like books tend to stagnate a lot more than I’d like them to.

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