A Simple “I’m Scared To Outsource” “hack”.

Outsourcing. It’s so hot right now. If you’re scared of letting someone into your website, which is common when you’re starting to outsource, there is a simple hack you can try.


A Simple “I’m Scared To Outsource” “hack”.


A Simple "I'm Scared To Outsource" "hack"


Get the contractor to do all the writing, reviewing, updating of images… the tasks themselves. Then go and update it yourself.


Letting go of the power and control is hard. Hopefully with time, trust and great contractors you will feel comfortable letting the professional you’ve hired really do they job themselves.


(Side note: I got this idea after listening to an episode of the Smart Passive Income podcast – but I cannot remember which one! It’s a side effect of listening to podcasts only when driving that I can’t take notes or stop things from going into my “played” list and disappearing from my thoughts. If I remember the episode, I’ll share a link to it.)


Have you ever been scared to outsource? Have you found a way to move past it?


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