Yes, My Book Has The Word Fuck In The Title

Yes, My Book Has The Word Fuck In The Title


Some FAQs. Or some random stuff I’ve seen on the internet that I want to address. Whatever you want to call this.


Firstly, the obvious.

Yes, my book has fuck in the title. 

It has always had fuck in the title. 

There is an alternative version where the word fuck has been replaced with llama.

People may choose to purchase Llama Should if they want to.

The llama has no significance. 

I just like the word llama. 

I can’t remember if I’ve ever seen a llama in real life. 

Maybe it was an alpaca.

Are llamas and alpacas the correct two animals to get confused?

No, I’ve never read another book with fuck in the title.

Yes, I get the impression I would like quite a few of the books with fuck in the title.

No, I don’t give a shit if you think having fuck in the title overdone now.

It took me years to write this, and fuck has always been in the tile.

I don’t care if the world has moved on. 

I haven’t moved on.

It’s my book and I’ll call it what I damn well please.

Yes, I did consider changing the title, because that’s what the world was FEELING SO DEEPLY ABOUT THE WORD FUCK.

Then I considered what an utter hypocrite I’d be for not saying Fuck Should to the changing the word fuck being in the title.

Therefore, my book will continue to have the word Fuck in the title.


Any other, uh, fucking questions? 🙂


If you want to read my fucking book, sign up here to make sure you don’t miss the launch. No 100% confirmed date yet but I’m looking at the end of June.


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