The ProBlogger Conference Session I Listen To The Most

Personally, the ProBlogger conference session I listen to the most is from my first #pbevent in 2013. It’s called The Step Change. It featured Caz from y travel blog, Christina from Hair Romance and Andrea from Fox In Flats. It was great to hear this session in person and to listen to afterwards.


Last week I was listening to a different session from the 2013 conference and I just let my phone go straight to the next recording, which was (you guessed it) The Step Change.


Now, I’m not really one for the universe speaking to me but I had decisions to make. Big, big things are flying around me suddenly and I have a choice of some massive paths in life – and damn those choices are not easy to make. Bat-shit crazy is the term I’m using for my life this year and that has been in both bad and good ways.


The ProBlogger Conference Session I Listen To The Most




This isn’t the first time I’ve listened to this session. In fact, it’s one I come back to a few times a year. It covers a wide range of topics and is a great conversation between these three skilled bloggers.


A few things in it really hit home for me.


Go to events:

Any event you’re invited to. Even when you’re tired. Even when you want to go home and sleep because no one will be there that you know. I put this into practice a few months ago when I was invited to an event from my personal blog. I had been at work a lot later than I expected so I was running very late to it, I was tired, I was over everything that was going on, it was raining, it was in a hilly suburb and I hate driving and parking on hills – there were a million reasons that went through my head that were all totally justifiable to me to not go. But I went. I didn’t have a great time, but I went. I reminded myself that I can push through those barriers and I can achieve things that I want. Sometimes it’s just a small thing. But it’s still an achievement.


Meet People In Person:

Grab whatever chances you can to meet with other bloggers, companies you love, anything related to blogging, really – meet whoever you can in person. Friendships grow fastest in person. And from friendships, businesses and opportunities can grow.


Choose Your Path:

What has stuck with me recently is the part where Andrea talks about the choice she had to go back to marketing jobs or to work on her blog. The tipping point. I feel like my tipping point is around with the types of opportunities that have come up this year – there’s something going on in the universe right now. Again, I’m not really a ‘universe’ person but something is definitely going on this year. I just have to be patient and work it out.


It’s interesting that I listen to this audio the most. After all, the ProBlogger conference is packed full of information about running your blog, building your business, email list strategies – so much valuable information. But I think I like this one the most because it talks about the personal aspect of blogging as a business. What it means to the blogger. How they struggled with choices. The years it takes to grow a blog. The things that we all struggle with when we want our blog to grow into a self-sustaining business and the personal effect it has on us. The choices – and they are CHOICES – that we have to make along the way. Sometimes choices go hand in hand with sacrifices. These aren’t things that bloggers talk about much – and I think maybe they should.


What’s a conference, speech or blog post that has really stuck with you? Why do you think it stuck when others didn’t?



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