Can You Help A Beginner?

Can You Help A Beginner?

Most people you help will be beginners. I heard this on a podcast episode, and it got me thinking… 


Can You Help A Beginner? 


Can You Help A Beginner?


In this context, your key is to find what you like to explain at a base level, and what you are good at explaining at a base level.


Yes, I put what YOU like to explain first. Probably breaking some kind of “business rule”, but I see setting yourself up to be happy as a priority. Because if you aren’t happy in what you are offering, it will show. Professionalism doesn’t cover lack of enjoyment (couldn’t bring myself to use the word passion, sorry/not sorry).


You probably know I used to keep all my blogging content on a site called Bloggers and Bacon: Bite Sized Blogging Tips With Your Breakfast. It would have been totally, 100% “on brand” for me to start a Facebook group for that blog. A place for all those “embarrassing” newbie questions. 


Only, here’s the thing about me. 


I cannot stand Facebook blogging groups where I see the same damn basic questions every single day.


“Where should I host my blog?”

Who cares, just pick someone and see how they go. You can change later.


“I have X amount of visits in my second month of blogging, am I on track?”

On track to what? What do you want to do with your blog? Do numbers matter with what you want to do with your blog? Spoiler alert: numbers often mean jack.


You see what I mean? I am not always a nice person. I would have probably* been waaayyyy too snarky at people asking me questions. 




I’m not a 100% jerk disclaimer: I am in Facebook groups. I give and get support from them. But I also try things myself first. Gah. If you can’t try Google first before asking for help you will fail as a blogger. (Ok maybe I am a 100% jerk. Whatever.)


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