Episode 7 – Will I Ever Be A Success?

The NormalNess Podcast

The NormalNess Podcast – Episode 7 – Will I Ever Be A Success?


The NormalNess Podcast

In this episode, I discuss where I feel I fail in business, why I fail in that area, and what success means to me vs others.


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Today I’d like to talk about success. Recently I posted in a Facebook group that I don’t know if I will ever be a success in business. Business can mean whatever you want to choose. For some people, that means a giant large company. And for others, it means things that I’m interested in such as freelancing, book sales, and so on.


Businesses what you choose it to be, and what size and scale you want it to be. The reason I don’t know if I’ll ever be a success is that I can’t get clients. Now when I’ve got people who come to me for you know, Pinterest writing, consulting type work, it’s fine, I can manage them, I can manage what they need, I can do the work, I can do the finances, all that stuff is not a problem for me.


But I don’t get marketing. For me, it’s really difficult to get the people who may don’t like nation I don’t like talking about I don’t like thinking about it, I can logically understand what people are telling me about the actions you take to market yourself, I logically understand it. But it doesn’t mean anything to me. It’s like saying, just the sky is blue shadow get. Absolutely. There’s no significance, it doesn’t click with me. I think there are a few reasons for that. One of them. I wish I could remember who this was because it really helped me pointed this out in a Facebook group. They also had issues, trying to understand marketing, because they will researcher and you taught to go wide not narrow. I think that’s definitely part of it.


For me, I have, you know, an undergraduate degree that is quite heavily researched based for undergrad. And I spent quite a few years working in research to, I’m used to going wide, I’m used to going everywhere, oh, this isn’t working here, here, here, here. So the brain is not trained in that way. And I think that’s actually a very significant challenge for me. The other thing I think it’s very hard for me, is what I usually call you know, my, my coaching I was called embrace shiny is that I have shiny object syndrome. I love new things. I don’t think it’s a negative, I can’t stand people who talk down to you for it. It is how I am. I like new things. I like learning new things. I like trying new things. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have a podcast right now. I wouldn’t have flocked in the past, I wouldn’t have blogs, I wouldn’t have new ideas I wouldn’t be trying and learning shiny objects unknown or negative. Before I go into that, right, as you can probably tell I can these two factors.


So shiny objects and having a trained brain that goes wide, a wide, I don’t think I can get clients who me. And it’s not a problem. For me right now, my money comes from a day job, I didn’t have to freelance to pay my bills, I’m okay with that. doing one thing full time is not my personal measure of success.


I know it is for a lot of people, I know there’s a lot of judgment on the internet about that. And I just don’t give a shit if you think I’m a failure for not being full time this or that. But the combination of these things does bother me because it still comes down to the fact that I’m not getting anywhere. At the pace I would like to, I would like to have more freelance work. And it’s, it’s very hard to accept that because I can see where my failing is. In this area. It’s because I’m terrible at marketing myself, at letting people know how they can hire me.


I can I can listen to it all I want, I can read marketing books, and I can understand it. But I I am not getting anywhere with understanding it. And in the long run, this means Will I ever be any sort of success, by my own definition not others at having a business. Because if you don’t have clients, you don’t have a business and whether that’s full time, part time, tiny little tasks of people will you’re changing someone’s world.


The one thing that I will absolutely agree on is if you don’t have clients, you don’t have a business. And because I’m terrible at getting clients, I’m not good at this part of business, I can I can do everything else, I’m fine with everything else. But I’m really terrible at getting people to me. And that’s why I shared this in a Facebook group recently is that I don’t know if I will ever be a success in business. Because I’m bad at the most critical part of it.
I couldn’t outsource.


But the thing is, I don’t know if I would ever be able to agree with someone who’s doing more marketing for me, because it would all seem a bit weird. Scare me and silly to me. So from that point of view, I don’t want to belittle someone else’s work. But that’s also not something I’m probably going to mentally value enough to want to pay for. So there’s definitely something here I need to do I need to overcome, I need to I need to understand more. But it’s been this way for quite a few years. And I don’t know what the eventual answer is maybe the eventual answer is that I’m not good at business.


Maybe the eventual answer is I haven’t hit my thing yet. And I just need to keep trying and learning and putting myself out there. And over time these things accumulate and will work for me. I can’t tell what the answer is. Now the good thing, like I said before, is that this is not a requirement for me to survive. At the moment. I would one day like to work part time and add a job and part time for myself. That will be I think my ideal balance. And I’d like to work towards that. Which is why I need to somehow one day learn more about getting clients. You know, there’s no right or wrong answer.


And I think people only ever want to talk about their business successes and all the six figure fucking bullshit and I can’t stand any of that. Whenever I’ve shared these types of feelings in Facebook groups, there’s always someone who’s going he has I feel was too. So I don’t know, do you feel this to? Have you ever gotten over not being able to work out the best way of getting clients that suits you? Yeah, I’m really curious to know what other people have experienced with this because for me, it’s something that’s quite challenging Personally, I don’t it’s not something I’ve made progress on in a long time and it is something I need to change, work on learn and progress on. If I want to be the level of success that I did that I deem I want in business.

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