2019 Wrap Up

I started writing this in mid-November, with no clear idea on when I’d publish it. 2019 has been big and bad and small and hard and I wanted to give myself time to go through it.


2019 Wrap Up



Scored a great basket off a second hand site. One of those “my phone was melting down but you got in first” situations.

January Basket


Vala actually looked at the camera for once.


January Dog



You have no idea how much I have suffered this year because of this door hook. I have not dealt with the anger and frustration and life changes that this, and a lack of care from a WIDE variety of people, has caused me.


Feb Hook


I always remain helpful and professional at work.





I finally got to see an “independent” “expert” about my injured shoulder. Which did not help me at all. Stupidly I thought this was close to the end of it all. All the “expert” did was tell workcover  wasn’t lying and my shoulder was injured. Thanks for wasting my time, fucknuts insurance system!  



Saw a nice storm front


Scored my first awesome rug of the year


I used my works EAP (employee assistance program) to seek advice on pain management. It wasn’t helpful. I mean ranting is useful but I have the internet for that so…eh. I don’t like psychology and I don’t find it helpful, just fucking irritating. The lifts were cool though.




Pretty Kookaburra on my washing line.


Found a weird door in the city



A fantastic idea at the time. It would soon go very wrong.



Another great second hand score – a Sakroots bag. Had been wanting one for a while.



Ben had started watching the Hunger Games movies. I tried to watch them with him, but I got cranky and needed the books first. Found them in an op shop on my lunch break. Score! Also I sometimes update my Op Shop category for ones I go to, if you’re in Brisbane and like to op shop.



Alien Isolation is our fave Xbox game so I bought Ben a stuffed Face Hugger for his birthday.





A spatula I found on the beach



The annual sky diving easter bunny. I find it weird that not everyone has one of these. 



I had a bad reaction to physio strapping tape (this is not the worst photo). I knew knew a human could be so itchy. At one point Ben was innocently standing behind me in a queue or something and his breath barely reached my arm and I snapped at him to breathe further away from me because a light breath caused so much itching. I was dousing myself in anti itch cream for weeks.



Scored another awesome rug second hand.





I identified myself as a writer for the first time at an alumni event. Someone was even there specifically because they saw my profile and wanted to talk to me and it’s really hard to write this part without crying onto my keyboard.


I try to do one alumni event each year because I like talking to students and bridging the gap between what unis sell them and what work is actually like. To UQs credit, did a much better of reality at this years event. They’ve come miles ahead for their students in the space of a year. Finally, honesty about the nature of most jobs being contract and temporary! 



And then I cried a lot a few days later when this was published. I spent ages sobbing in the stairwell at work. I miss messaging her and talking. I am so grateful we got to meet in person once and I still hope Russ is doing well (as well as can be expected?).



I also scored my next second hand deal – my new couch for my study.





I bought a bottle of kewpie mayo as big as my head



I scored my favourite rug



I published four books at once:





I flew to Adelaide for work. I hadn’t been there in years. Sadly I was in the throes of another medical setback which made it physically hard work, but there were some highlights:



I specifically chose this hotel (out of the ones I was able to choose from) for the bathtub (pain management):



Stopped by to say “Hi” to the balls



You bet your sweet ASS I skipped some irrelevant conference sessions to go cheese shopping. (Software pitches = fucking snooze!)



We had an amazing dinner at some sports ground – super fancy. The type of fancy where they come and put your napkin on your lap for you. And I learned that using the utensils from the out going in IS actually a fancy pants rule. I despise alternate drop, so I was really happy to learn that at this dinner we could choose our meals. And they came out very coordinated. Top notch venue. Delicious food.





I am a secret plane nerd, so I was mildly excited to see that I had a Retro Roo for the trip home.



I was less impressed when it was retro inside too. No seat back screens. 100% booked flight, with my shoulder and I crammed into a middle seat. Such Fun. I zoned out to some Wine & Crime for the flight home. The guy next to me wouldn’t take out his fucking earphones when the cabin crew were trying to ask him about food, drinks etc. I got to be his relay to message person cos he was a douche. Even the cabin crew snarked at him slightly for it.



Naturally, I also came home with Haighs (it’s illegal not to):



And I got to catch up with bloggers! Yay! And this is the only photo I have haha. Screenshot of an Instastory.



Naturally my car had an “issue” that ended up requiring towing on my first week in a secondment (temporary new job). Always the way. Thankfully towing was covered under RACQ and the issue was covered by my warranty. It was a shitful week without a car but it was all free.





I bought sushi for breakfast after having some blood tests before work and I can say that I highly recommend breakfast sushi. It did gross out some people but it was damn good. 



I started a podcast.


Coles was the Hunger Games



After a shitfight with an douchey shoe store that degenerated into Fair Trading being involved, I finally got a refund on some dodgy shoes. They were NOT happy that Fair Trading sided with me!!






Scored a 3 seater version of the couch in my study. YAY! We had a big comfy low chaise but these high back chairs are so much better for actually sitting properly and not slouching.



My next shitfight of the year was with Queensland Rail, for not managing their illegal parking issues. I literally got trapped in the car park and threw a massive hissy fit at three ministers and the CEO. They did reply but for fucks sake people – tow the fuckers who illegally park. It’s not that fucking hard to park in a designated space. But noooooo they won’t do that. This was their “effort” the next day – a fucking post it note on that day’s illegally parked car:



A cool sunset:





A flower





My in laws get me. Check out this journal they bought me for my birthday





Super comfy reclining chairs to go see Zombieland 2 for my birthday



Oh and for the first time since 2005, I won NaNoWriMo:



well, it’s still going.


The potential for some big decisions is afoot. Are afoot? Make up the grammar as you see fit, I don’t really care. 


I opened a RedBubble store selling snarky shit:





And a few pretty things:





Something I should know before the end of the year will either make me really happy, mildly ok, or super depressed. It’s anyone’s guess, depending on how the situation works out. The situation is actually pretty accurate for 2019 – massive ups and deep fucking downs.


I have 20 days off over xmas/new year. I did not take care of and plan leave this year – for many reasons (injury, unknown contract dates etc) and I am FEELING IT right now. I’ve already tentatively mapped out my holiday plans for next year. And by holiday I mean days not at work – I don’t make enough money to actually go anywhere.


How was 2019 for you?


7 Replies to “2019 Wrap Up”

  1. Enjoy those 20 days!

    Thank you for sharing the ups and downs of your year, Ness.

    Spilled punnets of blueberries make me cry, I currently have a single berry stuck in a cranny of my fridge. Hoping it shrivels away rather than rots…

    SSG xxx

  2. What a lovely wrap-up. I actually miss Instagram for the memory stuff as I don’t get that from FB / Twitter as much – in terms of ‘what I did when’. I usually check insta to see when I was last at the hairdresser for eg.

    It’s great to have documented stuff – big and small – that you can ponder on later! x

  3. What a year of ups and downs! Much the same for me. Different things but definitely ups and downs. I love that basket at the beginning of the post. I have a thing for nice baskets! #TeamLovinLife

  4. Gosh Vanessa, when you see it “all out there” it’s been one heck of a roller coaster year. The rugs I admit are quite a highlight for me. Love colour and patterns. I too enjoy a conference where you can pick and choose and LEAVE to do what you would rather.

    The bit of furniture that did you so much harm looks awful…as does the reaction from the sticky stuff meant to help.

    Your in-laws sound great…and how good is Vala to look at the camera.

    I do hope 2020 brings you the job you want..not the one you “have to go back to”

    Thanks for your bloggy support in 2019.


  5. What a rollercoaster year – sounds like you need those 20 days off. I am pleased that Vala made an appearance in this post and sushi for breakfast is totally a thing. I am in awe of your pre-loved shopping skills, you scored some great bargains although I think we should rename your 2019 – The Year of the Rug. Hope 2020 brings you every thing you want, and more!

  6. WOW. It looks like you have had a massive 2019. A be it’s amazing to see it all before you in one post. Some beautiful photos and some great memories. Hope 2020 meets all your expectation.

  7. It’s been a big year for you, hasn’t it? I’m glad we got to catch up. The injury this year sucks heaps and I hope the pain becomes more manageable in 2020 and your health in general is ok. Hope you have a good break resting and relaxing and enjoying doing whatever you want to do!

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