Tips For Your Work With Me Page

Tips For Your Work With Me Page

If you do any kind of professional work from your blog, a page that tells people what work you do is highly valuable. This blog post includes tips for showcasing yourself in the best way possible on your “work with me” page.


Tips For Your Work With Me Page


Tips For Your Work With Me Page


There are a ton of ways you can make money as a blogger. No matter which income stream(s) you choose, an important task is to keep your “work with me” page clear and helpful.


Give an overview

Anyone reading the page will probably want to know why you can do the work (aka your experience) and when you can do the work.


Contact Details

This should be obvious, but having a way to contact you is really, really, REALLY important. How will they hire you if they can’t contact you? Email address is very important, but a mobile phone number is ideal (if you’re ok with that being public information).



Link to your:

  • about page
  • most popular category/post
  • selected previous examples of work


A work with me page shouldn’t be a static page – set yourself reminders to review it a couple of times per year. You can make it a part of your regular business review. And make sure that if you list your prices on your website and/or social media, update your “work with me” page too!


What is on your ‘work with me’ page? Is there anything you’ve found particularly¬†helpful to have on your page?


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