Randoms 19

Randoms 19

Randoms 19


Chasing me around the internet with retargeting feels like chasing me screaming. It’s not wise and it doesn’t make me buy from you. It makes me dislike you. Muchly dislike you.


I had something secret I wanted to release today but yeah, downtime is more important. So it didn’t get done. Maybe next week. We’ll see. I’m not putting undue pressure on myself when I only started back in a new job on Friday.


I’ve had a lot of really nice spiced and/or flavoured foods recently and the memory of them is making me want food when I’m not hungry. Damn you, nice food.


Randoms 19


I have a writing goal of 200 words per day and/or 10,000 words per month. I say and/or because I do things in batches, I’m a cyclical person. Either of these goals being met, or close to being met, makes me feel like I’m “getting somewhere”. Having said that, what is “somewhere“?


I am sincerely hoping I don’t have a broken wrist. I hurt it some time when I was on holidays. When it had been hurting for 10 days and was still a little swollen, I went to the doctor, who ordered an xray. Now, three weeks after that… It still wasn’t good. So the doctor has ordered a CT scan for me.


Apparently there is a particular wrist bone that can get a hairline fracture so small it doesn’t show up on xrays. And the CT will also cover off if it’s tendon/ligament stuff too. I hope it’s not a broken bone. I do not want a cast on my wrist in this gross time of year. I am actually physically repulsed by the thought of how much sweat would be under a cast, given that it’s extreme unrelenting why the fuck do I live in Brisbane season. I can barely stand to wear my cotton support bandage for more than hour at a time. So keep your fingers crossed for me that it’s not broken.


Chocolate almond milk is on sale this week in Coles. Just FYI. It’s yummy. No, I don’t care about the environmental side. Almond is what medical needs dictate in this house, not other alternatives, and medical comes before environment.


I keep thinking of writing an update to that big financial adulting post I did a few years ago. Is anyone interested in that? It would be much shorter and explain what strategies I kept and what I didn’t, basically.


Any random news to share?


8 Replies to “Randoms 19”

  1. I hope you settle back into the job without too many hassles. And you’re right about not being hard on ourselves. It’s something I’m terrible at and I tend to constantly failing to achieve weird goals I set for myself. Or even things I think I should want or do.

    I’m thinking of trying to blog every day in February cos I’ve seriously lost my blogging mojo. I think it’d be good for me (as you say) to commit to writing – something – every day.

  2. Good luck with settling into the new job – and in avoiding a cast! You don’t want that at this time of the year. As an aside, I always enjoy your “randoms”.

  3. Hope the new job is going great and that your arm stays a no cast zone! Crossing fingers for you!

  4. Hope the new job is going well. And really hope the wrist isn’t broken!!! The chocolate almond milk is awesome, isn’t it? 200 words a day is a great goal. I need to write more…hoping to get into the habit from now.

  5. All the best for the results on your wrist! Randoms are always interesting – seeing how others think and what goes in and out of their minds – thanks for the insights! #lifethisweek

  6. Missed you and your randoms so I am glad you are back. Yes having a cast on it HOT…I had one on my leg in summer after I fell down our driveway in 2003, but fortunately after the initial old fashioned plaster and my wound had settled my surgeon allowed me to have a fibreglass cast and that meant I could shower. Bliss.

    Thank you for linking up for Life This Week #174. Next week’s optional prompt is 6/51 Interesting 10.2.2020. Hope to see you again there too. Denyse.

  7. Great “random” format. Love it! And chocolate almond milk too.

  8. New job, all the stuffs happening AND the wrist! You’ve got this. I too would be throwing up in my mouth about the idea of a cast in this weather. Fingers crossed they work out what’s happening soon though.

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