Why I Like Losing Followers

Why I Like Losing Followers

I rarely look at the weekly reports my social media scheduling tool emails me. Mostly because I don’t care if I have grown or shrunk or stayed the same. It means little to a blog where I’m not reliant on numbers for purposes such as paid posts. 


Why I Like Losing Followers


Why I Like Losing Followers

I am not everyone’s cup of vodka

See, I won’t even use the word tea! I’m a rebel!!! But yes, this stuff does clearly piss off some people who like “usual”. Granted I would call that stuff bland and boring, but some people like that. You don’t have to like everyone you meet. You don’t have to pretend to like everyone you meet. Don’t follow people you don’t like, otherwise you turn into some hate-reading scumbag. 


The people who are left really do like me

What’s the point in bragging about have 6.365 jazillion Instagram followers if none of them like you? Or they’re always telling you to be more or this or less of that? At least I know the people who follow me will know by now to expect the custom mush of stuff that I share online. I’m actually talking to people who like me and who are like me in some way. I’ll take that any day or some random large number.


Can you see how losing followers is not inherently negative? 



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  1. I’d take the real people any day over the ones that are there just because of free stuff or a promotion or whatever.

    1. Vanessa Smith says: Reply

      Years ago I ran a giveaway (at my own expense!) and then wondered why on earth I did that. Gained me less than nothing. Lessons learned, am I right?

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