December Creative Contemplations

Creative Contemplations

I mean yes, it is technically January but I’ve been barely turning on a computer for a week so… a day late isn’t too bad 🙂 I found out in December my contract at my day job isn’t being renewed so I’m sadly leaving some wonderful people and work that I’m going to miss and really want to be part of in the future. But such is life, such is the federal government decimating my industry and people like me being sacrifices to the budget cut gods.

I’m nearly out of holiday days and my body is only just unlearning its “wake up at 6am” thing so yeah, that’s great. Lesson learned – need longer holiday periods to truly refresh. 


Reading: I finished The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware a few days ago. Re-reading Warcross because I got a physical copy from the library (some days I feel like I absorb less from an eBook and other days it feels fine).

Gaming: I planned to play Soma for the first time over the break but yeah, I just skipped back into familiarity to unwind which is Alien Isolation. 

Watching: Finished all 8 seasons of Mom. I wasn’t sure if I would like it at first and then there were a few ick moments (one where I was “oh shit here comes the ableism”) and then also a ton of very inclusive topics covered so… it’s a sitcom I think I want to re-watch to get the writing sunk into my brain.

Creating: Timelapses.

Writing: Selection criteria. Everyone cry of boredom with me!


December Creative Contemplations

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