Where Does Your Creativity Pour From?

Where Does Your Creativity Pour From

I’ve noticed that I do some of my best* work when sleep deprived.


Where Does Your Creativity Pour From


And when moving. I always have to drive so when I’m on a bus the road kind of lulls me into relaxation and the creativity pours out. (Noise cancelling headphones are a key part of this strategy so you don’t have to listen to other passengers, because people who get busses are gross**.)


I don’t type as well on an iPad as I do on an iPhone.


I type faster on a laptop keyboard than I do an iPhone, but I have fewer distractions on an iPhone so I actually get more done on the iPhone. What’s the theory about creativity doing it’s best work under oppression?


*best may be a subjective term


** irony of statement is being ignored


When do you get inspired? And how do you capture it?

3 Replies to “Where Does Your Creativity Pour From?”

  1. I understand you. I work very well when under pressure, but then once the task is completed-I fall apart.
    I prefer iphone over ipad for typing and laptop over iphone for commenting.

    1. At least there’s that focus to get the task done that way.

  2. My creativity seems to have evaporated, if, in fact, I ever had any in the first place. I’m terrible at typing on any device, I definitely need a laptop or computer. That’s amazing that you can write on a bus. Go you!

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